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2020 Men’s Hair Trends


With each passing moment men are becoming more conscious about their attire and looks. For that matter hair styling according to fashion trends in men has become one of the most important features of their lives. With an increased awareness and access to all sorts of information via internet, now more and more men also want to have the latest hair trends. Each year, different hairstyles are introduced to satisfy the desires of fashion conscious men.  In 2020, various hairstyles have been introduced for men where both young and old are experimenting with them.

Even though there are many 2020 men’s hair trends, only a few of them are popular among the majority of men. The classic hairstyle remains one of the top 2020 men’s hair trends similar to previous years. Following are a few 2020 men’s hair trends which are the most popular.

Slicked Back Undercut Hairstyle

This hairstyle is most suitable for straight hair or hair that can be straightened easily. In this style, the back and sides are cut short, but in the middle, they are kept to a normal length. This styling trend was very popular in the 70s and 80s, but now it has revisited the fashion world. It is one of the most popular 2020 men’s hairstyle due to its easy maintenance and dashing look.

Brit Rock Indie Style

Yet another top hairstyle of 2020, which is inspired by the few British indie bands, is suitable for straight, wavy and curly hair. It has become one of the most liked hairstyles among young male models for quite some time as it gives a cute yet cool stud look which usually draws significant attention from the opposite sex. This hairstyle first gained popularity in 2009 and has earned much acclaim due to perceived masculinity. This style is not for everyone, as it does not suit every face shape. It is important to ask your hairdresser whether it will suit you or not. If it does, then go for it.

Rockabilly Haircut

Inspired from the 1940’s classic American hairdo, rockabilly hairstyle has come of age. Although this particular hairstyle has been in the fashion for the last two years, it still has not lost its limelight. Quite a number of men prefer this hairstyle and experiment with it to come up with a new look. This particular hairstyle is suitable for all sorts of hair. However, you just need to put in some effort to bring it to its right contour.

Quiff Hairstyle 

The famous hairstyle from the British ‘Teddy Boy’ movement, is gaining popularity with men. These days, young men, inspired by the evergreen Elvis Presley are in love with this hairdo. In 2020, the Quiff has marked the fashioned world with a few variations. Although this all the rage hair fashion is as old as your parents’ time, the charisma of this style has not lost its charm even in 2020. It’s the Elvis Style! Today the main variations seen in Quiff are Slick Quiff and the rock Quiff that are raving across the global fashion industry.

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