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Aging Types, Causes, and Prevention


Aging makes our brain’s function gradually decline. What makes salmon important in keeping you away from aging is its omega-3. Omega-3 in salmon can protect your brain, skin, eyes, and heart from the aging process. You can also consider eyebag surgery to make your face look supple and young.

As an enemy, of course, aging must be beaten. However, it is important know about it first since knowing your enemy is the best treatment you can do for that enemy. Then, what’s aging? Aging is a process of gradual disappearance of skin capabilities to maintain its condition and to renew itself. Aging is a natural process that will be experienced by everyone.

Aging caused by two factors, internal factors and external factors. The internal factors are gene, health, and psychiatric. This can also caused by stress and hormonal changes. For example, when you are in unhealthy condition, your skin will not light. The same condition will happen when you are stressful. In stressful moment you will find your skin becomes pallid. The more you have your stressful moment, the more pallid your skin will be.

Another factor is the external one. Polutions, ultraviolet radiation (especially on 10.00 a.m. until 03.00 p.m.), the use of water mixed with chemicals, and other substances which might interfere the normal growth of colagen are part of the external causes. It is true that utraviolet radiation will cause aging. However, say in a room with air-conditioner all the time is not a good prevention. Air-conditioner also make your skin dry, furthermore if you apply no lotion on your body before staying in room with air-conditioner.

Climate change also contributes on this aging matter. Moreover, climate change is today’s earth problem. So, the risk of aging becomes greater. The high humidity, precisely at the tropical part of the earth, gives contribution in gaining aging matter too.

Habit is another cause. Smoking, drinking coffee and alcohol, and going to bed too late will make your skin dry and dry skin is an aging sign. Those bad habit can be considered as disturbing your metabolism. You should remember that disturbing metabolism is not only lead to aging but also lead to other health problems.

The next cause is your food. The proverb “you are what you eat” might be right because your food can determine your appearance. Fast-foods and high-calories foods are really delicious indeed. But it is urgent for people to start to remind them self that those contribute on aging process. Fact you also need to realize is cooking food for a long period of time is not suggested unless you want your skin having less of anti-oxsidant. Yes, that way of cooking will make nutrients in foods which good for your skin disappear. It becomes worse when at the same time you do not drink eight glasses of water and forget about fruits and vegetables’ miracles for skin.

Foods to Keep You Away from Aging

Of course, no one can help themselves from getting older. Old age will come to everybody whether they want or not. One from some things that people afraid of getting older is about their appearance. Once you are getting older, you might find your some wrinklings on your skin. Your skin will not as sprinngy as yours at younger ages. Wrinklings are sign of the aging process of your skin. However, unlike getting older, having your skin aging is something you can manage. You can keep your skin away from aging. One of things to do in keeping your skin away from aging is taking some foods. Yes, you can manage your anti aging diet. Here are some of foods that you can take as your anti aging diet:

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Have you read the article about things you need to do to prevent aging? If not yet, let’s talk about that first. To prevent aging, you need to take some technical actions like putting sunblock on your skin. For some that might be troublesome, especially to those who does not want to take any care for some things like sunblock. If you to not want to be bothered by them while wanting to do some simple action to anti the aging, all you need is to eat some foods! Some foods are considered as the anti aging foods by research.  Eating foods while at the same time making your skin healthier is interesting, right? I’ll make you a list of them just in case you want to take them as one of your anti aging diet.


It is a colorful high-fiber fruit. It contains of vitamin and minerals. Blueberry is source of antioxidant that can help your skin and brain.


Aging makes our brain’s function gradually decline. What makes salmon important in keeping you away from aging is its omega-3. Omega-3 in salmon can protect your brain, skin, eyes, and heart from aging process.


Yoghurt, beside keeping your digestion works well, also can make your skin away from aging.


In keeping you away from the aging process, you are also suggested to list almond in your diet menu. Almond contains high-callories and lots of phytosterols that can lower harmful cholesterol in your body and helps you in stabilizing sugar, especially for those suffered from diabetes mellitus. Almond also contains large amounts of vitamin E which is very important for your skin health. At the same time, almonds may also protect your blood vessels and  enhance your cognitive abilities.


Tomatoes, especially the red ones, contain large amounts of lycopene. To gather more number of lycopene, you are suggested to take processed tomatoes . The lycopene is more easily absorbed by the body if it comes from the processed tomatoes.
Research shows that diets by taking much lycopene may reduce the risk of bladder, lung disease, prostate, stomach-ache, as well as help in delaying skin aging.


Plum can make you away from osteoporosis. Having no osteoporosis means that you are away from aging, right?

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Walnut contains more amounts of omega-3 rather than salmon. So, it might work better than salmon in keeping you away from aging. It keeps your brain, skin, eyes, and heart, indeed!


Kind of vegetables that you are suggested to take in your anti-aging program is spinach. Spinach and other vegetables with dark-green leaf can keep your eyes healthy besides making you away from osteoporosis .

Ways To Cure Aging

No one can help themselves away from getting older. However, with some advances in skin treatment technology, you can eliminate the effects of aging. Though you are not young any longer, you can look younger and more attractive by having some anti aging treatments.

Anti-aging is a preparation to prevent cells’ degenerative process. In order to check whether you deal with aging or not, you can check aging symptoms appear in your skin, such as wrinkles and rough skin. Wrinkles can be defined simply as the cause of the declining number of dermal collagen. Problems arising in the skin can be overcome by dermatological treatments. These listed below are ways that can be used to treat the effects of aging and photoaging:

Botulinum Toxin Injection

Dermatological experts have compiled useful biological effects of botulinum toxin for treating the effects of aging. They used a purified botulinum toxin in a very small quantities injected at the target’s face. As the result, your muscles will have no movement. Your muscles’ immobilization prevents the formation of wrinkles on your face. The result of this treatment lasts for 3-4 months. If you want to get maximum result, you can repeat botulinum toxin treatment for several times and combine it with muscle training program. Treatment with botulinum toxin approximately takes 30 minutes. You can consult dermatological experts to do it. However, this treatment is expensive, risky, and not practical.

Collagen Injection

Collagen is a substance consists of protein fibers from animal and human tissues. Collagen gives strength and structure for the skin, bones, and ligaments. Most of collagen used for the treatment comes from animals. However, people with some allergics might face trouble once having collagen injection.

Before taking collagen injection, of course, dermatological expert will check whether the patient is allergic to bovine collagen. Effects of collagen injection lasts for 3 to 12 months. Just like botulinum injection, collagen injection also expensive, risky, and not practical.

Over-the-Counter Products

Some anti-oxidants, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, and moisturizers can reduce wrinkles. This product, unlike botulinum toxin injection and collagen injection, is more practical and safer than both botulinum toxin injection and collagen injection. Anti-oxidants, especially vitamin C and vitamin E, helps cells in repairing skin damages caused by free radicals, such as ultraviolet radiation and smokes. Free radicals can cause damage in various parts of the cell and cause various diseases. Tumor and cancer are the examples of those various diseases. Antioxidants are capable in inhibiting the oxidation of free radicals. Antioxidants is important since it can protect the skin from oxidative damage and prevent premature aging.

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Besides those listed above ways, you can try to cure aging by using ginger. You take a potion made from ginger either to keep you away from aging or to cure you from aging.

Prevent Aging, Staying Young and Fresh

Everyone wants to stay young and fresh without having any signs of aging. Who does not want it, anyway!? The problem is, your want does not enough to keep you young and fresh . There are lots of things you need to do to prevent aging . Here are some of them:

  1. Quit smoking ! For some, cigarette might be a best company. Even you might think that you are cool by taking it. Don’t you remember that friend will never do any harm on you? Cigarette does! Then, start to consider that it is not your friend. What about being cool? Having your skin aging and suffer of some serious illness because of taking cigarette are not cool, mates! Realize that!
  2. Say no to alcohols. Alcohols will disturb the forming process of colagen. That makes it able in provocating aging . Therefore, preventing aging also means reducing alcohols consumptions.
  3. Get enough time for sleeping. Don’t you know the proverb saying that ‘The God of small things’? That proverb also applies on the matter of preventing aging. Thing you need to keep you young and fresh could be a simple one, like having enough time of sleeping. Having enough time of sleeping will make you fresher since your body produces energy.
  4. Another small thing you need to do in preventing aging is keeping positive thinking. Positive thinking won’t lead you into stress. Dealing with no stress is really important in order to get a healthy skin. If your are happier, your skin will be brighter.
  5. Do not ever forget about 8-glasses-of-water rule. Your body needs at least 8 glasses of water for a day. If all you need is only taking eight glasses of water for each day in order to prevent aging, why won’t you do that?
  6. Put sunblock on your skin before swinging your legs outside your house. Sunblock is really good in protecting your skin from ultraviolet radiation. Getting less ultraviolet radiation is a crucial step to prevent aging.
  7. Clean your skin, especially after spending some times outdoor. Though, subtances causing aging also can be found indoor, outdoor still becomes the center. Pollution, dust, and ultraviolet radiation, all of them are there, outside your living place. Once you go out, your skin will be contaminated by them. For you cannot help yourself to not to go anywhere, the best you can do is cleaning your body, especially faces and some uncovered-by-clothes parts.
  8. Consume vegetables and fruits! Since alcohols is not good for your skin, taking vegetables and fruits juices is a good alternative. If you can make friend with alcohol though you know that alcohol is bad, i think it is easier for you to take vegetables and fruits juices as your friends, isn’t it?


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