Aishwarya Dongre, IPS: Profile, Wiki, Age, Caste and Family


Aishwarya Dongre, a 2018 batch IPS officer from Kerala, is pictured here. Her leadership skills during the COVID-19 pandemic of Kerala were highly appreciated. Recently, she was appointed Kochi Deputy Commissioner for Police (Law and Order and Traffic).


Aishwarya was raised in Mumbai by an upper-middle-class family. After graduating from St. Xavier’s College, she decided to take the UPSC Civil Services Examination. She was determined and passed UPSC on her first attempt.

Aishwarya had obtained 196 All India rank in UPSC CSE. Her first choice, IAS, was not available, so she settled for IPS. In the hope of increasing rank and getting IAS, she decided not to appear in the UPSC again.

Aishwarya Dongre, IPS: Profile, Wiki, Age, Caste and Family

Date of Birth:

Age: 25 Years

Father:  Prashant Dongre (Works with Air India as Engineer)

Mother: Anjali Dongre

Birth Place: Mumbai

Religion: Hindu


Educational Qualification:

Graduate St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai with Economics and Politics Science

Family and Relationship:



  • Interesting Facts and Lesser-Known Facts:
    • Aishwarya recently made headlines for her remarkable effort to perform a heart transplant despite being in COVID-19-induced lockdown successfully. In just 30 minutes, she had flown a heart to its destination, and it was there.
    • Aishwarya had suspended the lady constable because she couldn’t recognize her. This will be a dark day in her career. After a warning, she was released, and the lady constable was reinstituted. A similar controversy arose a few months later. A CPO was suspended after allegedly not inviting Aishwarya to the inauguration of the coffee vending machine at the police station.


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