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One of the most important pieces of text and yet understated one is annual leave email notification. While some don’t really feel the need to have an annual leave email notification drafted, others just don’t know what it means or how essential it is. Often times, even as you are out for a family trip and not working, you might get work related emails. This is when you would have to draft a well-written annual leave email notification, so that people don’t have to wonder and wait for your reply.

Especially, if you are handling client work and are required to communicate with a number of clients on a daily basis, keeping them in the loop is very important. If you put yourself in their shoes, you would realize how frustrating it can get to just wait for an email. This is why, to maintain good relationships with your clients and to keep them informed,  you need to send each of your client a leave email notification that you would be away from work.

While on automated leave email notification would do for most of the clients, it is still a good idea to customize your email based on who your client is. It even helps if you take a leave request mail to manager for one day  which saves alot of your time and efforts. For this, you should do a little bit of your homework. For instance, when you are working for a client, you have to personalize your email. As you send them the annual leave email notification, you can also mention the amount of work ready, the amount of work remaining, and how you would proceed with the work once you are back. This will give the client the relief that he/she needs when it comes to getting his/her work done.

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While sending a leave email notification to your clients is a great idea, you don’t have to limit it right there. You can also send leave email notifications to your boss, manager, people in your team, CEO of your company, Or whoever is associated with you in your work. This would give them a clear message that you would not be available for whatever period of time you mention in the email. This might even save you from the constant disturbance of receiving calls and emails regarding work. Now that you know why leave email notifications are important, let’s proceed to the samples and the right format to compose a leave email notification.


Here are two samples, one for client and another for sending to your colleague.


Dear Colleague,

I am going to be on my annual leave starting from 3rd December, 2018 to 12th January 2019. Since I will be traveling, I will officially be on a break. I hope you would consider contacting once I am back to work. I will have a limited access to my phone, I might be unavailable to take calls or reply to emails. In case of any emergency, you can contact following personnel.

Mention the names of people who would be taking care of your work in your absence.


Your Name


Client name,

I will be out on my annual leaves starting from 3rd December, 2018 to 12th January 2019. However, I want to assure you that I will take care of all the important work that had a deadline before I leave. Even as I am not working, all the important work will be taken care of by my colleague (mention name). I have explained all the intricacies of the project to him and he is capable of handling the work in my absence. If you have any concerns or queries, please feel free to contact him and he will give his best to assist you. Please find the contact details of (name of the colleague) below.

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Contact number of your colleague

email id of your colleague


Your name

As you write the leave email notification, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. Let’s take a look at certain rules and regulations you are supposed to follow while writing an annual leave email notification

  • Make it a point to maintain a very formal tone of speech. Since you are drafting this email for your clients and officials, you have to be formal. When you are drafting a leave email notification for your clients, make sure you sound polite as well. The client should feel positive reading your email, and should not worry about the work being hindered in any way. You should write in a way that you win the confidence of your client and assure your client of the work not being affected.
  • Make sure that you proofread once you are done drafting your email. This is to make sure that there are no spelling mistakes or punctuation errors. A lot of people don’t proofread after writing the mail. This can lead to the client or your colleagues building a bad impression of you. Many a times, we make silly mistakes and typos which signify that we are careless. You would never want to seem careless to your clients or colleagues. It is better to spend some time proofreading than risking your image and seeming careless.
  • Make sure you mention important dates in your mail. You should specify from when to when you are going to be off work. Also, you should clearly specify when you would be joining back and be available to be contacted. This is again an effort to keep your clients and colleagues in loop so that they know when to contact you.
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The annual leave email notification does not have to be an essay. A very brief mail to inform the clients and officials regarding your absence would suffice. However, make sure you provide the contact details of the person who would be taking care of your work in your absence. This is to make sure that your clients don’t feel frustrated for not being able to communicate their queries. There always has to be someone to take care of the client’s queries.

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