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Anterior Placenta and Gender


Many expecting parents want to know If their baby is a boy or girl as soon as they find out they are pregnant.

You don’t need to wait until your baby is born to find out. An ultrasound can usually determine the sex of your baby as soon as 16 weeks. Optional first-trimester testing may also be done.

However, an ultrasound is not 100% reliable, and not all people opt for early screening tests. You might be able to use the position of your placenta as a predictor.

Some believe that an anterior placenta is a sign you’re having girls, while a posterior one means you have boys. Is this a reliable way to predict biological sexuality? Let’s take another look.

What is an anterior placenta?

An embryo is made up of two types of cells. There are two types of cells in an embryo: the cells that become the baby and the cells which develop into the placenta. The placenta is an important organ that provides oxygen and nutrients to your baby and removes any waste.

The placenta attaches itself to your uterus wall and can be positioned anywhere: front, back or right. The posterior placenta is the one that attaches to the back. It’s an anterior placenta if it attaches to the front of your uterus.

Both are common. Research has not confirmed that the sleep position of the placenta after conception could influence its location.

What theory does the anterior placenta have to do with gender and males?

It’s not new to use placenta placement to determine sex. An anterior placenta could indicate that you are having a girl. This theory may be based on a different theory about left-right placement.

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2011 paper by Dr Saad RAMZI ISMAIL, women are more likely to have boys if the placenta attaches to the right side of the uterus. The placenta was attached to the left of the uterus, and women were more likely to have a boy. The study, “The Relationship between Placental Location & Fetal Gender [Ramzi’s Method]”, is not online in a peer-reviewed journal.

Ramzi’s theory was born. His research, however, only assessed the right and left positions of the placenta. It did not evaluate the positions of the front (anterior) or back (posterior).

It is unknown where the idea that an anterior placenta can refer to a girl-born baby came from. The question is often asked on discussion boards and online forums, where many women claim that they had an anterior placenta during their pregnancies.

Does this theory have any research backing it?

There isn’t enough evidence or research to support the theory that an anterior placenta can cause a girl to have a baby.

However, a 2014 study evaluated 200 placentas with 103 anterior and97 posteriors. The results showed that 72.8 per cent of pregnancies involving girls had an anterior placenta. This compares to 27.2 per cent for pregnancies involving boys.

Although the study found that the location of the placenta was associated with the fetal gender, more research is necessary. An anterior placenta does not necessarily mean that you are having a girl.

How can I determine early if I want to have sex?

It’s fun to use the location of your baby’s placenta as a predictor for their sex. However, it is not a reliable way to identify biological sex.

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There are several ways to determine the gender of a baby. An ultrasound can be used to locate the genitals of your baby. Tests that check for chromosome abnormalities may also be used to detect sex in a baby. These include amniocentesis and noninvasive prenatal testing.


Although the placenta attaches to your uterus at the back, it is perfectly acceptable to have an anterior one. This may or may not mean that you are having a girl. Before making any major announcements, it is a good idea to have an ultrasound or blood test to confirm your theory.

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