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Best Car Insurance For Young Drivers


The high prices on young drivers car insurance makes it difficult to start driving your own car even after you have finally acquired your driver’s license. This is because car insurers have compiled a lot of information on traffic accidents are can conclude that teenage male drivers under 21 years old are more likely to cause an accident compared to other experienced drivers.

If you think that it is very unreasonable for a younger but responsible person to pay high premium payments on his or her new driver’s insurance plan, you are right and there are actually ways to differentiate yourself from the reckless drivers below 25 years old that dominate your age group and raises the average premium costs for everyone. You can follow the few tips shown below to lower the insurance rates for young car insurance cover.

UK Insurance Companies For Young Drivers

Many UK car insurance companies for young drivers such as Elephant, AA, Churchill etc will provide discount incentives for completing courses in accredited defensive driving. Such lessons expose the risks and consequences of reckless driving to the participants and teach them how to avoid dangerous driving situations and protect themselves. It has been shown young drivers under 25 years old who have taken these lessons have reduced accident rates and are thus rewarded with the cheapest insurance for young drivers possible.

A more expensive and powerful car means higher repair bills and higher probability of driving at high speeds. Coupled with the reckless behavior of many new young drivers, there is no way you can get car insurance quote that is cheap in any sense. A cheaper and slower car will be preferred by the insurance companies for teen drivers.

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Just as certain cars are associated with high risk speed demons, strong salon cars from manufacturers such as Volvo are known to be preferred by low risk drivers who do not drive dangerously. Paying for the repair bills is only secondary; after all there is a limit to how expensive cars are. However, there is no compensation that is sufficient for loss of lives caused by a dangerous driver.

Whether it is a valid assumption or not, some UK car insurance companies for young drivers will give discounts for students who have excellent examination and extra curricular results. The rationale is that it takes a lot of discipline and self responsibility to do well in school and that will also apply to driving safely on the road for their young age. The rewards for such behavior is cheaper young car insurance cover for students.

Cheap Young Drivers Car Insurance Quotes

A car installed with additional safety and anti theft alarms will be subjected to discounted young driver insurance. Make sure you specify to the insurer of these following features that will help you drive carefully and avoid road accidents. For example, tire pressure monitoring is becoming a standard feature in newly manufactured autos that will warn drivers when the pressure becomes dangerously low.

Adaptive cruise control can adjust your throttle, brakes and safety belts to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front or brake hard if a potential collision is suddenly detected. Electronic stability control can prevent roll overs when you make a very sharp corner by adjusting the throttle and brakes to help you maintain control. These are not only helpful in getting cheaper young drivers car insurance under 25, but more importantly, they can save your life.

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Young people like to pimp and mod their cars with novel accessories. Aside from the fact that most car modifications are not covered by auto insurance (since these parts are expensive and difficult to source for), pimped cars are associated with drivers who like to push the limits of their car performance. That translates to more accidents and repair claims.

That is why if you try to insure a car with modified parts to boost the car power, you will not get any cheap young drivers car insurance quotes. The best way to get discounted young car insurance is to leave the car with its original stock parts.

Young Car Insurance Under 25 For Students

If you are staying with your parents, you can ask them to register your new car under their names. Alternatively, you can drive their cars and have your name included as a secondary driver on their insurance plans. While this is a good way to get low price young drivers car insurance under 25 years of age, your parents have to be driving consecutively for a few years with a good accident record.

You are not going to get any cheap under 21 car insurance for students if they are also reckless drivers that have made several repair claims recently. Do not try to commit fraud by changing your address to that of your parents just for the sake of cheaper insurance for young drivers because it is a serious offense.

The amount of mileage expected can also affect your young drivers car insurance premium. It is simple right? Traffic accidents do not happen until you drive your car on the road, and the more you drive, the higher chance of an accident. If it takes only 10 minutes to drive between home and school, you are in luck. If your workplace and house is more than 100 miles apart, maybe it is cheaper for you to take public transport during the week days and leave your car for weekend entertainment drives.

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If you are married, you will be able to enjoy cheap car insurance for young drivers because you are not viewed as a reckless and immature person. Married individuals are a lot more careful in the way they do things as they have more to consider on their minds. From statistics, you can find that most drivers involved in accidents are single and young drivers under 25 years old. If these methods are not applicable for you, there are still some ways to get cheaper young car insurance cover for students so just read on.

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