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Best Diet Plan for Teenagers


Teens who are vigilant about their weight should understand that they will require a high intake of nutrients to replenish the needs of their growing bodies. Most of the time, teens who do not consider these facts end up causing damage to their body which creates complications for them in later years. It is important that teens who choose diet plans:

  1. Consume food rich in calcium
  2. Consume food that lowers chances of osteoporosis
  3. Consume fiber
  4. Consume body building food

In the long run, including these foods  will keep teenagers free from the risk of chronic diseases which may include blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes etc. Teens looking for healthy diet plans should try to select from the options given below.

Breakfast Diet For Teenagers

It is important never to skip breakfast. Breakfast should consist of nutrients like whole-grain carbohydrates, lean protein, healthy fats and calcium. An ideal breakfast for teenagers which is both healthy and will make them feel fuller includes:

a)      Scrambled egg with whole wheat tortilla and seasoning
b)      Oatmeal
c)      Leftover spaghetti

Always drink a glass of skimmed milk with breakfast to ensure calcium supply to the body. Skipping breakfast will result in food cravings and the teenager will be prone to eating the wrong food later in the day.

Lunch Diet For Teenagers

Usually teens do not like what is served at the school cafeteria. Even worse, they head to a fast food establishment to have their lunch and end up stuffing themselves with food that turns to fat in their bodies. To avoid this they can prepare their own lunch at home to take along. When doing this remember to use:

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a)      Whole grain bread
b)      low-fat cheese
c)      omit mayonnaise

Include fresh fruits and vegetables when eating lunch as it will help in increasing the fiber intake and provide necessary minerals and essential vitamins.

Snacks Diet For Teenager

Teens need snack as they have a hectic schedule to follow. Snack should include healthy fruits that keep their blood sugar stable. Some options for a healthy snack include:

a)      Quarter cup of unsalted nuts
b)      Half-cup of pretzels
c)      Half-cup dried fruit
d)      Granola bar with nuts and minimum sugar

Dinner Diet For Teenagers

Eat stews and soups before stuffing food into the stomach. This is a great way to feel fuller. Dinner should include options like:

a)      Steamed vegetables
b)      Baked potatoes etc.

Other than this it is important that teens get involved in some activity that is physically exerting or exercise at least thrice in a week and live a healthy lifestyle.

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