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Dry skin is the most common skin problem. Contributing factors to dry skin are low humidity, sun exposure, age, soaps, etc. Dry skin is a kind of temporary problem for few that is skin gets dry during dry weather, but some people have such dry skin, which is a year-long problem with none connection to the season.

Causes of dry skin are very important to know so that you are able to prevent it from returning.

Causes of dry skin

Oil production gets decrease with age

Bathing or taking a shower often with too cold or too hot water causes the skin to get dry because the moisture from the skin often gets lost with water.

Dry skin is because there is a lack of water from one’s skin. You need to drink enough water in order to keep your skin more supple and moist.

Menopause is known to increase dryness in the skin in women.

General issues of health affect one’s body, such that the body is not able to take care of the skin. When the body is not getting enough nutrition, it shows through the skin also.

Some diseases are known for causing dry skin like diabetes.

Sun exposure:
Sundries the skin and also causes much damage to one’s skin, which increases more of the problems of dry skin.

Genetic factors:
Genetic factors have also known for giving dry skin that is genes of an individual make him or her have dry skin.

Dry skin is known to lead to other skin conditions, which then will require you to visit a skin specialist that is a dermatologist. Common skin conditions, such as:
Eczema which causes the skin to have patched of redness, inflammation and cracking.

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that is skin getting inflammation within the skin layers because of bacterial infection.

Redness and scaly skin with itching and pain

As we all know we all have different skin types: it could be

1. Dry skin
2. Very dry skin
3. Oily skin
4. Combination skin
5. Sensitive skin’
6. Normal skin

Keeping dry skin moisturized, along with the application of sunblocks, are two main effective things that need to be done. Also, the products that we use for our skin ranging from skincare such as cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen, under-eye cream, night cream, toner, scrubber, etc. and cosmetics or makeup products such as compact powder, concealers, foundations, blush on, shimmers, etc. need to be based as per our skin types and not just any products else it could harm your skin too badly.

In the market these days there are so many products available with new launches every other day that you might be really confused about what to buy. First and foremost, know your skin type before buying the products and look at the ingredients of the product, which will give you an idea regarding will this product suit your skin and it will be beneficial for the skin.

Best Natural Products For Dry Skin

This ingredient is an excellent Emollient which is extracted from the leaves of a type of cacti plant that is aloe vera that is known to be effective in the removal of dead cells also most important is aloe is able to lock in water which keeps the skin more moist, supple and smooth

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Alpha Hydroxyl Acids:
These chemicals are known to be good for exfoliation.

Vitamins A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E are few such antioxidants which help in protecting the cell membranes as well as the fatty tissues. Also, these vitamins help the skin in its natural process of rejuvenating and healing by repairing damages caused because of air pollutants as well from the sun’s UV rays.

It is a type of silicone that is known for being effective for protecting and lubricating one’s skin.

It helps in replacing the skin components that are lipids for lubricating the skin. An emollient is actually mixture, which is made up of oil and water, which makes this as an effective, richer, and much heavier moisturizer as compared to other types of moisturizers. This tends to stick on the skin and prevents skin from getting dry as well as protects the skin.

This is a natural by-product of soap-making of the process, which is known for attracting water on to one’s skin. Soaps with glycerin are very effective for dry skin.

These are basically those Substances which is known to attract water. Moreover, this substance acts better when the climate of more humid, which helps the skin to be moist and supple.

Rosehip seed oil:
A number of studies have shown that Rosehip seed oil is very effective in repairing the dry skin, its damages as well, and moreover, this oil is also known for decreasing wrinkles as well as helps in removing other skin conditions of imperfections.

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Retinoic Acid:
Retinoic acid is known to help in keeping the pores clean and clear and also acts to improve one’s skin from sun damage.

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