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Best Tips For Quit-Smoking and Its Benefits


Smoker, at first, was a sampler. Because cigarette contains of addictive substances, especially its nicotine, then smoker cannot run away from it. In addition, nicotine always gives pleasure. When you smoke, you also take nicotine into your body. That’s why you feel comfortable, relax, or even happy when you are smoking.

When smoking becomes your habit, your body will adaptate and tolerate the nicotine. It makes you must take more cigarettes to achieve the same presurable feelings. The worse thing is, your body will metabolize nicotine quickly. As the result, the level of nicotine in your blood fall within a few hours and you will find yourself need to smoke repeteadly throughout the day to refresh the drug effect. The nicotine then will accumulate in your body system at one time. The accumulation lets you taking cigarettes for some numbers continously every day to maintain nicotine levels in your body.

Even it is addictive and able in making you feel happy, thing you should remember is smoking is a killer! It can make you suffer of heart-defect, cancer, and some lungs diseases. To show your love to yourself, you should consider to quit smoking. It can be understood that quit smoking is not an easy choice since you are addictate to it physically and psychologically. However, some people success in quitting smoking . Then, just dare yourself to quit smoking too! To make your effort of quitting smoking successful, knowing what kinds of situations that lead you to cigarattes might be necessary.

  1. After taking meals. Culturally people will smoke right after having their meals. Some say that their mouth becomes bitter if they do no smoke. Then, it is suggested to change the cigaratte with sweets!
  2. Drinking coffee or alcohols. Yes, cigarattes is the best partner of both coffee or alcohol. However, three of them are not good friends for human. Try to see them as enemy, do not only think about the way they make you feel. Start to think about what they have done to your health!
  3. Seeing people are smoking. Seeing others are taking their cigarette when you try to avoid it could be a worse situation. You might think about their pleasure of inhale and exhale the smoke. On the contrary, try to think that they might feel envy seeing you can start a healthy life.
  4. Bad feeling moments. When you feel angry, bored, frustated, embarassed, and other bad feeling moments, you will start to think that smoking is an escape. It is true that smoking will make you feel better. However, a bad one cannot repair the other bad ones. Then, smoking should not consider as the way of making you feel better.

    Things You Might Face after Quitting Smoking

    First of all, right after quitting smoking, you might find cough, head-ache, cold, abdominal pain, and so on. When you face those illnesses, never think that you need to light any cigarette. Try to take some medicines. For example, take aspirin once you get head-ache. Sometimes, you can also feel pain in your chest or in your throat. If you are afraid about those-after-quitting-smoking illnesses and do not want taking medicine in a rash, just go to the doctor and let the doctor give you the clues.

    People might also becomes harder to sleep after quitting smoking. Insomnia will become your friend in spending more time in the night. Try to consume fruits and some herbs to cure your insomnia. Mangosteen, apple, grape, honey, and rosela tea are some diets which can cure insomnia.

    Above are physical effects caused by quitting smoking. There are still many bad impacts that you might feel as the result of quitting smoking. Quitting smoking enables in making you feel confused, especially in a moment of doing nothing or in a moment of having too much to do. It is common that people are taking cigarette when they feel lonely because of doing nothing or when they feel that their works are too stressful. Having that habit, of course people will feel like losing something if once they do not do that.

    Just like confusion which is a psychological effect of quitting smoking, easily to be angry is another psychological effect of quitting smoking. Since people consider smoking as a relaxing activity, once you are quitting smoking, you might easily to be angry. It is understandable that losing one relaxing thing is really able in making you upset. However, if you think twice, there some positive way to relax yourself instead of taking cigarette. Besides confusion and anger, there still many of psychological effect of quitting smoking. They are like sentiment, loneliness, bad temper, and sadness. If you cannot handle with those psychological effects of quitting smoking, even you are able in facing depression.

    Those are things you might face after quitting smoking. Things you should handle after saying goodbye to cigarette. Never mind, just like stated in the beginning of this article, those are temporary. As time pass by, they will disappear. So, keep the spirit of quitting smoking in you!

    Quitting Smoking and Benefits it Brings

    -Quit smoking will make your respiration works better. Any lung diseases will no longer become your company.

    -Smoker will get their blood circulation disturbed. Quit smoking means you will find your blood circulation become better. Blood circulation is important in the process of transfering foods and oxygens. You will find your body healthier if your blood circulation facing no problems.

    -Quit smoking will make you feel no stress. It is related to the blood circulation. Since the oxygens are well circulated, you mind will become fresher. A fresh mind will say goodbye to any stresses.

    -Smoking disturbs your immune system. Quit smoking will make you make your immune system stronger. A good immune system is an enemy for any diseases.

    -Improve your fertility. Those who do not take cigarettes are more easily to get pregnant. Moreover, quit smoking also improves the quality of uterus and makes the fertilization becomes easier.

    -Your body produces more energy. It is closely related to the blood circulation. Blood circulation is dealing with the energy producing process. Then, a better blood circulation will bring larger-amounts of energy.

    -Fresher outlook! Smoking irritates your skin. It makes your skin dry. By quitting smoking, you will find a fresher outlook as the result of healthier skin.

    -Extent your ages! Half of those who smoked in a long period died young. Their deaths are associated with caused-by-smoking diseases. Heart disease, cancer (especially lung cancer), and chronic brochitis are the examples. Some also say that quitting smoking will add some year to human age.  A study states that a person taking no cigarettes anymore at the age of 30 add 10 year to his age.

    -Whiter teeth. By quitting smoking, yellowish teeth arising from cigarette will be reduced. Former smokers also have a lower risk for having gum disease and losing teeth prematurely. Quiting smoking also means that you will have your mouth fresher.

    -You will have a good quality-sleep. It is common for smokers to have problems with sleeping. Once you quit smoking, you can have a quality-sleeping. A good Quality-sleeping is really important to maintain your health.

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