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Best Workout Routines for Woman at Home


Having plus size or some fat deposits in the body maybe become the biggest problem for every woman. Many ways have done for weight loss program and muscle building so fast, such as fast diet or gymnastic. However, the common complaint is that most of them fail in programing the weight loss because there is no much time to do simple workouts. If all of you do not have enough time to work out in the gymnastic or outdoor exercises to tone your body, now you can try for workout routines at least 20 minutes per day. This is the simple and the efficient way to get back your shape.

Workout Routines for Woman at Home

Stability Ball Hamstring

Now, you do not need to go to the gym to get your shape, some exercises you can be done in your comfortable home. There are at least four simple toning exercises you can do easily without lot of risk and home fitness equipments. The first exercise is stability ball hamstring, the target area of this exercise id back of legs. The equipment you have to use is stability ball. Steps you have to do is lie on your back on the floor, put your arms at sides, then bent your knee slightly and put your heels and your lower legs on the medium stability ball(65 cm). Then move your hips up by pressing the butt muscles like gripping the nut between cheeks. Press your feet in to the ball toward the hips and keep your hips stay up – pause. Then uncurl by expending the legs slowly.

Body Mountain Climber

The next step of workouts routines is body mountain climber. The target area is hip muscles, lower back and abs. the position you have to do is assume the push up position and extend your legs until your body make a straight line from head to ankles. Then move your left knee near the right arm and return your left leg to the floor slowly, do this movement as much as you can before exchange the sides.

Bent Squat

The next target of toning your shape is back, legs, core and shoulders. The position you have to do is just like push up position; you have to stand your arms at sides. Squat and bent, you have to place your hand larger than your shoulders then your arms are extended forward. Strengthen your legs and make your body straight like a plank pose, then pull your legs forward, put your legs on the floor and jump.

Stability Ball Push Up

Home exercises are quite simple to do, right? Is there any your body past that left to tone? Well, next target is toning your shoulders, chest, core and triceps. This exercise is called stability ball push up, special push up treatment for woman. Place the stability ball under your body and walks your hands forward slowly into push up position, your hands have to put on the floor. Then, bent your elbows to the lower and upper body, then repeat your push up position to extend your arms.

Split Squat

The last exercise to tone your body is using single leg to split squat. This is a kind of home workout routines to tone your inner and front thighs. The position you have to do is stand far away from the chair, sofa or bench. Extends your right leg to the back side and place your upper side of the foot on the chair or bench and place your hands on your hips. The movement you have to do is squat down until your left thigh equal with the floor and the right knee sinks to the floor.

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