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Can Dogs Eat Corn: A Guide To Corn Cobs and Corn Kernels For Dogs


Is corn good for dog or dangerous? That is the talk that has been occurring for ages now, however it has been put to relaxation by scientific analysis.

The first concern in all these discussions was whether or not corn has sufficient dietary worth for the dog and secondly whether or not dog can digest corn.

Is Corn Good for Dogs?

The extra you and your canine keep collectively, the higher the bond that grows between the 2 of you and even with the remainder of the relations.

Then you definitely realised one of the best ways to extend this bond is by giving your canine not solely pet food but additionally a balanced and nutritious meals.

However there are a lot of canine meals available in the market right this moment, which one will you select in your canine?

A guideline into selecting the proper of pet food is to know the composition of the canine meal.

One of the best canine meal ought to comprise vitamins like:

Similar to human beings, canines are allergic to some vitamins therefore you need to be cautious with the sort of vitamins which might be obtainable within the canine meal that you’re nearly to purchase.

Ought to corn type a part of the components of your pet food?

Usually talking, canines can eat corn safely.

Nevertheless, some canines would possibly develop allergic reactions in the direction of corn, so it’s as much as you to search out out whether or not your canine is allergic or not.

One of the simplest ways to know whether or not your canine is allergic or not is to seek the advice of your canine veterinary.

Priceless Vitamins

You’ll be able to feed your canine some corn however not an excessive amount of. In case your canine eats just a few grains of corn, it isn’t going to trigger it any hurt.

Corn is nutritious, and it might profit your canine to get a few of these important vitamins and fiber (bran) to assist its digestion.

Among the pure vitamins in maize are proteins (gluten), power, fatty acids like linoleic acid, important oils, co-enzymes and antioxidants.

All these vitamins are prone to contribute to higher well being of your canine positively.

Analysis point out that 99% of canines aren’t allergic to maize protein however thrive properly by consuming canine meals which have maize as one of many components.

Kyra says

The fiber within the corn has been discovered to be useful for probiotic micro organism progress within the intestine of the canine.

When corn is supplemented with different meals, corn meals can type a balanced food regimen with an entire combination of amino acids, protein, nutritional vitamins, carbohydrates and fiber.

Cheap Ingredient

Many pet food producers embody corn into the canine meal. It’s as a result of maize is available and it isn’t costly.

In lots of nations, this ingredient is available at subsidised cost to companies hence it is affordable which interprets into higher canine meal costs.

However the value isn’t the first concern right here, most veterinary canine nutritionists’ marketing campaign that corn needs to be a part of the components which might be used within the manufacturing of canine meals for balanced canine food regimen.


Perhaps you’re involved concerning the digestibility of corn by your canine. Now you can chill out as a result of in line with the current scientific research, the scientists have confirmed that dogs can digest corn without any difficulty.

The research point out that the maize kernel/cowl performs a big position in enhancing digestion.

Entire grains seeds comprise a small share of non-digestible fiber. Nevertheless this downside will be overcome by grounding the corn into advantageous particles.

Alternatively, the kernel will be separated into pure compounds that are very digestible by the canines.

Dogs can digest corn as a result of they produce sufficient pancreatic amylase and brush border enzymes which assist in the breakdown of carbohydrates that’s current within the corn.

Throughout digestion, many of the carbohydrates are digested within the first a part of the small gut. The fiber that’s obtainable within the corn incorporates cellulose which has well-profiled well being advantages for canines.

The digestive system of the canine carefully resembles that of people in line with analysis therefore canines have a simple time digesting corn.

Subsequently, don’t be afraid giving your loved one canine some corn.

All it’s worthwhile to do is boil, roast or grind the maize to interrupt the big carbohydrate molecules in order to extend the possibilities of your canine reaping most dietary advantages from the corn.


Perhaps you’ve got heard of the parable that canines are allergic to maize. Nevertheless, have you ever ever taken your time to search out out the reality about this?

Analysis confirms that 99% of dogs are not allergic to corn. Therefore the parable that you’ve got been listening to isn’t true.

You solely must take your canine for an allergic take a look at to your veterinary. In case your canine is discovered to be allergic to maize, it doesn’t imply that every one canines are allergic as a result of some aren’t.

As a matter of truth, scientists have found that the majority canines aren’t allergic to their meals. The meals which were discovered to be allergic to canines embody wheat, beef and dairy merchandise however corn – not very.


Widespread sense will point out meal of simply maize won’t present all of the vitamins that your canine wants. For most vitamins, maize will be added with different complementary meals that comprise the lacking parts to type a balanced food regimen in your canine.

Lastly, canines can produce sufficient salivary amylase – an enzyme that breaks down carbohydrates – similar to their human counterparts. Therefore the age lengthy debate has been silenced by science.

Go forward, give some corn to your canine however first do an allergic take a look at together with your veterinary!

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