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Headache might be one of the most common pain people have in their daily life. Headache itself refers to a condition when you get pain around your head and upper neck. For people might get various types of headache, there is a classification system for headache. Here are the three major categories headaches. They are classified as three major causes since they are the most common types of headaches which come to people.

Primary Headache

It is type of headache which stands independently from any medical condition. Most common primary headache are: migraine headache, tension-type headache, silent migraine (when people get migraine without classic pain of headache), menstrual migraine, retinal migraine (related to your vision when it is blurred or obsecured by bright flashes or light color).

Secondary Headache

If primary headache stands inependently from any medical condition, secondary headache does not. It comes as the result of another medical condition. Some medical condition which can cause this secondary headache are severe hypertension, infection of the head and the neck, sinusitis and meningitis, head trauma, tumor, hydrocepalus, subdural hematoma, and other blood vessel problems.

Cranial neuralgias and facial pains

These disorders cause facial and intra-oral (inside the mouth) pain ranging from mild burning sensations to incapacitating lightning bolts of excruciating pain.
Having one from those types of headaches, it is better for you to learn about the triggers of headaches. If you know various triggers of headaches, you can manage to make yourself away from them in order not to make your headache getting worse.

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Some kinds of foods, such as chocolate, alcohol, and monosodium glutamate (MSG).



Missing a meal.

Changing of sleep patterns.

However, you should take note that every triggers applies differently for different people. Means that for some people those various triggers above are able in making the headache getting worse, while some might not able in making the headache getting worse.

In dealing with headache, you are suggested to consult the doctor. Let yourself gather knowledges about the type of your headache first. Once you know, you can ask the doctor about the best way you can do to treat your headache since different types of headache need different ways of treatment.

As your additional information, here are some natural ways to treat headache:

Warm bath or shower

You can treat all types of headache with this step.


Aromatherapy is one of natural ways to treat headache. You are suggested to choose the lavender or lemon essential oil aromatherapy to relieve your pain.

Drink water

Having enough water supply might cure your headache, especially if you are one consuming caffeine and/or alcohol.

Take a rest

Having proper time to take a rest might be good way in dealing with headache. Many people feel better after they are taking rest when they get headache.

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