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Cheaper Car Insurance For Ladies


If you are a female driver, you can potentially benefit from cheap car insurance for women that has been especially tailored designed to suit your road protection needs by various motor insurers.

Although auto insurance is generally expensive, specific groups of drivers such as female and experienced drivers are often eligible for special programs that save them several hundred dollars per year on their cheap female car insurance quote. But do you know why they get this special treatment?

Male drivers tend to be over confident and over speed too often and when they make a wrong judgment, there is insufficient time to react and accidents thus arise. This is especially true in the expensive premiums on young drivers car insurance for men, which can cost almost 70% more compared to a young female driver’s rates.

Cheap Car Insurance For Women

Actually, the driver’s gender itself does not make that much of a difference. The reasons for cheap car insurance for women go a bit deeper with the general choices and behaviors exhibited by lady drivers. Many people think that women have poorer driving skills and are slow moving hazards on the road. However, motor insurers think that they are just being careful and prudent by not driving way too fast.

Womans Car Insurance

Statistically, female drivers are seldom ruled by the legal court to be the main causes of accidents, no matter of your opinion of them are. This means their insurers have less financial burden to foot the expensive repair bills and personal injury expenses associated with a road accident.

Hence, car insurance for women can be charged at a lower rate since the insurers run a lower risk by accepting their applications to be covered. Since they are the preferred customers, insurers have to give out attractive discounts to compete for more womans car insurance policyholders.

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According to statistics, female drivers tend to do the following things that collectively lower their driving and car theft risk significantly compared to male drivers. Firstly, very few women drivers go explicitly for the fastest and highest cc cars on the market. The most popular cars preferred by females are usually affordable, practical, safe with some cuteness or fashion flair such as the Beetle Convertible.

As you can imagine, drivers associated with such “safe women cars” tend to receive fewer traffic citations such as speeding, drunk driving etc. Lower driving risks simply means cheap female car insurance for you.

On the other hand, male drivers prefer luxurious, high performance cars with above 367 horsepower. These cars can cause a lot of damage and will cost a lot more to repair in the event of a road crash. It is also no coincidence that these vehicle models are hotly sought after by car thieves as well. Without arguing over which gender drives more skillfully and carefully, the hard facts are that lady drivers file a lot lesser claims compared to men on the whole. That is by far the biggest influence on why cheap car insurance for women policies are more readily available.

These are the reasons why cheaper womens car insurance plans exist although we are not saying all females across the board pay more attention to safety when on the road. These are just statistics; and how motor insurance are using effective market to target a viable consumer segment. For example, if your driving record is bad with numerous speed tickets and convictions for DUI (Driving under Influence) etc, being a woman driver will not provide you with any advantages at all from the view of the insurers companies.

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Nevertheless, it will be unfair for careful women drivers to pay above their share to offset the expenses caused by men and other reckless female policyholders on their higher claims especially on insurance quotes for young drivers.

Female Car Insurance

Besides getting discounts on their initial car insurance for women premiums, their no claim bonus is also larger compared to men drivers, at up to 75% discount. This and many other benefits are regularly given out to female car insurance members to maintain customer base loyalty and prevent rivals from leeching their business away.

As with all types of car protection plans, it is important to know what you need to be covered and what are not essentially, or you may be paying for the inappropriate female motor insurance without being aware. For example, you can get cheap car insurance for women by dropping optional riders such as rental car cover or payment holiday cover etc. These are nice to have features but may cost you money unnecessarily if they are not truly needed for your situation.

Using car insurance comparison websites is a good way to get the cheapest girls car insurance quote from various rival auto insurers. This is similar to approaching a specialist broker for advice, except you get to save on the commission charged by the broker. Buying cheap car insurance for women directly online from comparison websites means that you are doing all the reviews yourself and it is actually not too difficult given all the software tools and calculators provided.

Only Women Car Insurance

In 2009, more than 50% of all new cars are purchased by women which is why there are more and more women only car insurance companies being set up to market plans to the fairer gender. Besides Diamond car insurance and Sheila’s Wheels, new entrants such as Diva, Women On Wheels and Emerald car insurance etc focus their efforts to reach out to the fairer gender with especially designed cheap car insurance for women.

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Some even claim exclusive memberships by rejecting male applicants from their plans, claiming that this will offer them to effectively reduce the costs of car ownership for all their lady drivers with no claim records. However, some critics warned that women only car insurance plans may not necessarily be cheaper compared to general auto insurance.

It is an industry secret that these insurers cross sell a lot of non essential coverage such as handbag protection cover, child seat cover, women friendly roadside repair assistance etc, which are often added automatically to the plans sold unless the clients explicitly opt out. That is why comprehensive car insurance for women plan with all these added riders can easily cost more than a basic plan from a general auto insurer.

Another issue with buying cheap car insurance for women only is that you may not be able to add your spouse or son as named drivers to your policies, due to their gender exclusive rules. You may need to pay more for such exceptions which will undermine the supposed savings possible.

To conclude, you can get the best car insurance quotations if you do not impose any pre-selection bias on the potential insurers you like to review. Get at least three or five policy proposals in order to find out what will probably works out to be the car insurance for women that is worth getting.

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