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This serum has no fillers and it is safe in granting perfect health to the skin. Named as Derma Genetix the cream has the power to reduce all kinds of aging signs from the face. The serum not only fights against wrinkles but, also controls fine lines and dark spots. The product lightens the skin tone and rids the face from the presence of dark circles. It is made up of such effective ingredients that it makes us beautiful and young in no time.

The cream is recommended by dermatologists. It has no fillers and is a known chemical-free product. It essentially helps the skin in staying young and beautiful for a longer period. The product is produced by GNP labs and can be used by any adult woman. It is a safe and a healthy way to stay young. The cream is available on its official website.


The goodness of this serum is held in the ingredients with which it is made up of. The serum has 100% natural and effectiveness filled components that help the skin in staying young and beautiful. It has numerous minerals, vitamins and even proteins that our essential for making the skin healthy and vibrant. The cream is free from chemicals and does not contains any harmful chemicals. The making of this serum is done in the GNP labs.

This product contains several skin rejuvenating agents. Its regular usage can make the skin radiant and glowing. The serum can be used every day because it has moisturising components too. It contains aloe vera gel that keeps the skin fresh. The serum has peptides and antioxidants that help the skin stay free from impurities. This cream maintains the suppleness of the skin and aids it in staying young and lively. The product also contains numerous skin rejuvenating agents and collagen boosters.

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How does it work?

This cream maintains the collagen levels in the skin in order to provide it proper health and power to stay young. It contains natural ingredients that protect the skin against all kinds of odds. The serum provides proper level of moisturisation to the face and helps in controlling dryness. It also grants protection against the harmful UV rays.

This serum provides amazing suppleness and smoothness to the skin texture. It heals acne and also controls the outbreak of pimples. The cream acts as a skin cleanser and purifies the skin from deep within. It regenerates its fairness and provides ultimate radiance to the face. The cream is a wonderful product that can control the appearance of fine lines, dark spots, blemishes and even crow’s feet.


This is a product that is developed keeping in mind the needs and the requirements of the people. It provides freedom from all kinds of aging signs and helps in reducing their outbreak. The cream maintains the lost glow and sheen of the skin which makes us look young. It is beneficial in putting a full stop to the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and other aging signs. It protects the skin from UV rays and helps in providing us a younger looking appearance.


The cream has made me young and I would like to share my experience with this product, with you all. It is a serum which I started using on the recommendation of my dermatologist. I had ordered it online and believe me, it is not a costly product at all. The serum is easily available and can be used two times in a day.

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I began its usage a week back and it has already started showing benefits on my face. The radiance which my skin has today was there never before. It is an amazing skin cleansing formula which makes the skin healthy and young. I have also witnessed reduction in the dark circles and wrinkles on my skin. My skin is becoming soft day by day. Well, what more could I have asked for?


  • The cream shouldn’t be used more than what has been recommended
  • It should be stored in a cool and dry place only and must be protected from UV rays
  • The product should always be covered with its lid after each use
  • This serum must not be used by children and teenagers

Side effects

The cream must be used as per the instructions so as to avoid experiencing any side effect. Also, it must be noted that the product is free from fillers and there is no harmful ingredient that is used in its production. The cream should can is tested by the FDA.

How to apply?

This serum must be applied with fingertips. Before its application, every user is advised to clean the face with a wet wipe or with water and facewash. The cream should be used on a daily basis – every morning and night. It must not be over applied. Use circular motion to spread the cream all over your face.

How to buy?

Derma Genetix is an exclusive serum which can be purchased after registering and logging in onto its official website. Here, you can also order the 15-day trial pack but, only once. The delivery of this serum will be done at your address. It is unavailable at medical stores.

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