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Endoscopic Face Lift


Endoscopic Face Lift – Technology used in modern face lift – Endoscopic and minimal scarring is an optical tube that is attached to a camera that allows intervention insignificant indirectly through incisions using a special monitor.

* Ideal candidates are relatively young people with moderate to minimal skin excess and lack of previous ptosis in the neck;
* Technical advantages: minimal incisions, minimal scarring, less risk of loss of sensation and nerve injury, minimal bleeding, bruising and swelling reduced, reduced recovery time, social reintegration in a week.
* This type of facelift is done outpatient under a local anesthetic effect;
* Is effective only for drooping cheeks, can not be applied in the cervical area.

* Techniques for endoscopic approach to lifting:

# Superficial skin is ascended by means of incisions in the hairline (at the folds to make an incision without excision of skin – pleat will disappear in a few weeks);
# Deeply involve the release of the original attachments and reattach its skin facial bones in a position toned (muscles and tissues are provided in a position ascended back).

Method of Endoscopic Face Lift operation

We can insert under the skin a video camera equipped with instruments that can make the image larger . The camera is inserted through several small incisions along the hairline of the forehead and scalp.
Through this lens, small muscles and fat tissue are viewed on a video monitor. With these small instruments, the plastic surgeon can correct facial subcutaneous tissue carefully.

The eyebrows and the circular muscles around the eyes are lifted in the same way. Brow lifting, made through endoscopic surgery: the brow and around the area around the eyes are corrected with a few incisions along the hairline of the brow. For neck lifting, the surgeon makes a small incision under the chin to correct the neck muscles while giving the jawbone a youthful contour.
The skin is then tightened with incisions around the ear or on the hairline, behind the forehead. Fetuses lift is one of the most common procedures. Endoscopic face lift gives a natural look and length, with a short recovery period. Endoscopic face lift: Brow lift correction with face and neck.

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The technology and progress made in sedation administration, makes extensive cosmetic procedures possible without side effects, as it happens in traditional narcosis. Intravenous sedation suffices stronger analgesics, without having to resort to general anesthesia. Contrary to traditional narcosis, in which a tube is inserted into the throat and connected to a breathing apparatus maintenance, by intravenous sedation you breathe on his own. Breathe independently while asleep and feel no pain. You feel better a few hours after the surgery, and you are spared of the side effects that can occur when general anesthesia is made.

With the help of modern sedation techniques, long and extensive surgery is possible without taking unnecessary risks.
We use all modern techniques. The face lift is often combined with breast surgery, stomach corrections, and body contouring operations.
Intravenous sedation surgeries are much safer. This makes combined to be cheaper. And more than that, since the apparatus is not used for breathing, facial swelling are reduced, hospitalization is shorter, and postoperative recovery is faster.

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