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FitBit Surge: The Ultimate Fitness Watch


At the top of the FitBit line of personal activity trackers is the Surge, the fully-featured model that brings the world of smartwatch and fitness tracker closer than ever before. It comes in three sizes for wrists of differing size, and its durable polymer wrist strap is finished with a stainless steel buckle for a secure fit. Of course, the exterior of the FitBit Surge tells only part of the story, with its advanced internal components serving to truly distinguish the device.

Constant Activity Tracking

The FitBit Surge tracks activity levels with its accelerometer, gyroscope and heart rate monitor. The heart rate monitor measures the heartbeat once every 5 seconds when it detects a resting state and once every second when elevated activity levels are detected, giving the wearer real-time feedback on the effects of an exercise session.

The FitBit Surge includes 8 separate sensors to give it a complete picture of your activity type, including an altimeter to detect climbing and a gyroscope to detect speed. It automatically detects when the wearer is sleeping as well with its ambient light sensor, continuing its motion sensing to help evaluate the quality of sleep as well. Together, these metrics can help you identify fitness issues in your lifestyle and make changes to promote better overall health.

An Efficient Assistant

The FitBit Surge also expands the role of a personal activity tracker by integrating with a compatible smartphone. Not only does the FitBit app enable the Surge to become a personal assistant by vibrating when alarms are set to go off, it also allows users to catalogue their dietary choices for evaluation. The FitBit Surge also displays caller ID information as well as text and email notifications, and the Bluetooth-powered connection can function up to 20 feet from the source device.


The FitBit Surge provides added benefit to adventurous wearers through its GPS location tracking system. This both enables precise positional tracking for stored route history and more accurate calculation of pace and distance. GPS can also provide assistance to misdirected runners, guide those on a new route, or even help find a lost FitBit in conjunction with the smartphone app.

The FitBit Surge is the most fully featured device from the manufacturer, packing in all the most advanced functionality and convenience features to create one of the most comprehensive personal activity trakers and lifestyle devices on the market. Read the FitBit Surge review at Harvey Norman to learn more about this dynamic piece of wearable technology.

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