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Fusion Forex Scam or Legit? A Complete Review


Have you ever wondered whether a fusion market broker is a scam or legit? If you have, then you’re not alone. Many people wonder about this same question and end up scammed by dubious brokers trying to steal their money. Therefore, we have decided to answer all of your questions about fusion forex markets which will help you gain a better understanding of this investment. So without ado, let’s get started;

What is Fusion Forex?

Fusion Markets, situated in Melbourne, Australia, was founded in 2017 by FX industry experts. Its goal is simple and clear: to offer a superior trading platform at a lower price than its competitors. Because of its minimal commissions and excellent customer service, Fusion Markets has built out a position for itself in the low-cost market space. Fusion Markets is governed by the (Vanuatu Financial Services Commission) (VFSC) and also the (Australian Securities and Investments Commission).

●   Fees and commission

Fusion Markets says it is the cheapest trader in the business, and a quick check at its commissions as well as spreads seems to back that up. Fusion Markets provides spreads as little as 0.00 cents on a number of well-known currency pairs. These include the AUD/CHF and the AUD/CAD, the AUD/JPY, and the AUD/USD and the AUD/NZD. We can also find scores such as 0.22, 0.48, 0.65, 0.92, and 1.01 when we check the broker’s normal spreads. Additionally, their commission fees are quite minimal.

●   Social and Copy Trading

Fusion Markets provides social trading, which is also called copy trading. The copy trade platform used by the business is called Fusion+. This service is free as long as both you and your follower trading account for at least 2.5 lots of FX/Metals per month. Followers are charged $10 per month when they do not make any trades at all. If you are a Fusion+ Master, then you can bill your clients up to 30% more.

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Fusion Markets: A Reputable Broker or not?

Yes, many people don’t know that fusion markets is a trustable broker because it is licensed by the (Australian Securities and Investments Commission). Also, the (Vanuatu Financial Services Commission) regulates Fusion Markets as an Australian firm (VFSC).

However, Fusion Markets is also run by two more legal organizations that are both liable to VFSC and ASIC regulations. Even though there is no investment protection, the broker offers weak balance protection towards its customers under ASIC. As a result, Fusion Markets is a trustworthy broker.


Fusion Markets is a wonderful forex broker with a reasonable cost structure for both trading & non-trading activities that are fully licensed and regulated. The process of creating an account is quick and easy, and customer care staff provide complete and accurate information answers. On the other side, they provide limited educational materials and no investment protection. The item selection mostly consisted of FX pairs and a small number of CFDs.

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