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In terms of low fat meat options, chicken is one of the best available. Chicken is packed with protein, good for your heart and offers a boost for your metabolism. Along with its many other health benefits these characteristics make chicken a very popular food item among foodies, dieters and fitness buffs.

While the benefits of chicken are undisputed, it can be difficult to come up with ways to keep reinventing this classic item. You can only make barbeque or buffalo style chicken so many times before you become bored with it and it becomes a chore to include it on your daily menu.

Also, many recipes require a lot of preparation time, making it difficult for busy people to get away from the most common and simple chicken dishes. Whether you are a business executive, a RKI multigas monitor salesman or a school counselor, finding the time to prepare a healthy meal can be difficult. In order to mix up the way in which you traditionally serve chicken and to save time, here are five quick and healthy chicken recipes.

Chicken Parmesan

While it is a popular dish in restaurants, chicken parmesan is not often the first thing you think of when cooking chicken in your own home. Adding chicken parmesan to your repertoire of dinner ideas is an excellent idea as it is a low-calorie method for serving this healthy member of the poultry family.

In terms of ingredients, chicken parmesan is also a fairly simple dish. All you need are chicken breasts, marinara sauce, oregano, eggs and breadcrumbs. Once you’ve coated the chicken breasts with the egg-based crumb mixture, simply sprinkle the chicken breasts with mozzarella cheese in the later stages of cooking and serve.

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Pesto Chicken Salad Sandwiches

Chicken salad sandwiches are a commonly served lunch item. In order to put a tasty and unique spin on this popular dish, try adding pesto to this low-fat chicken salad mixture that was featured by Health Magazine.

In order to create the sandwich filler, mix diced chicken breasts, low-fat mayonnaise, cucumber, diced tomatoes and alfalfa sprouts. With this base mixture created, add lemon juice and pesto for a new take on this lunchtime favorite.

Mexican Chicken

Mexican style chicken is another great suggestion from Health Magazine for spicing up the way in which you serve chicken. Also, this recipe has the lowest number of calories in comparison to the others on this list.

In order to prepare this dish spread Dijon mustard over the chicken breasts and begin cooking in a skillet. Add a mixture of lime juice and salsa over the chicken breasts and continue cooking. Once the breasts are done to your satisfaction, add green onions and diced avocado and serve.

Sesame Chicken Salad

Preparing chicken with a Chinese style sesame flavoring will offer a delicious alternative to a typical chicken salad according to Better Homes and Gardens. This dish simply requires that you combine greens, onions and chicken breasts in a large bowl. Feel free to get creative add your own favorite salad ingredients to this base mixture.

In a separate container combine sesame seed oil, vinegar, orange juice and pepper to create the salad dressing. Add this dressing to the greens and chicken and enjoy a new take on chicken salad.

The aforementioned chicken recipes present themselves as tasty additions to your typical meal ideas. Their minimal preparation time also makes it possible to balance responsibilities such as attending conferences, meeting with clients and handling household chores. Getting creative with chicken recipes is a great way to save time and to improve the quality of the food you eat.
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