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How to Conceive a Baby Boy 100 Percent


Do you want to grow your family? Would you like to have a boy? Although it might seem strange to openly admit that you prefer the sex of your unborn child’s partner, it is okay to do so. Your secret will not be shared with anyone.

You may have heard rumors that you could influence your baby’s sexuality if you have not yet conceived. Maybe you are just starting to look for ways to have a boy. There are many things you could try. Which methods are more effective?

Is it possible to have a boy without any problems?

We are aware that “sex”, and “gender” terms are constantly changing in the world. Before we go any further, let us clarify that we are only referring to the baby’s chromosomes (XY) that is considered male.

Accordingly, the “sex” in this article is determined by the contribution of the sperm and the egg.

There is no way to guarantee your chances of having a boy. There are no guarantees regarding the sexuality of your baby, except for medically implanting an embryo known to be a male.

If things are left to their natural course, there is a 50/50 chance that you will have a boy or a girl. It all boils down to which sperm wins, and there are millions of them racing.

This is where the idea of influencing the sex behavior of your child’s future children comes in. You can influence the outcome of male sperm by changing your timing, position, diet and other factors.

one 2008 study on 927 family trees shows that the father may decide whether your child will have boys or girls. The sex of the baby is determined by the chromosomes present in the sperm. However, some fathers may also be more likely to have more girls or boys.

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This study suggests that men might inherit a tendency from their parents to have more boys and girls. This could lead to some men producing more Y orX chromosome-sperm. A man may have more brothers if he has more sons.

What are you doing to increase your chances of having a boy?

There are some suggestions that parents may tell you worked for their boys if you really want one. Although none of these suggestions can be scientifically verified to work, people still try them in the hope that they will improve their chances.


You might want to think about what you eat while trying to conceive. Although this idea hasn’t been extensively researched or supported (so please take these suggestions with caution), 2008 researchers found a link between eating more calories and having a boy.

This doesn’t mean that you need to increase the amount of food you eat or eat throughout the day in order to get pregnant. Healthy eating habits (whole foods and fruits, vegetables, and low-sugar snacks), will ensure that you continue to eat the right amount of calories while you are pregnant.

Higher levels of potassium were also found in the women who participated in the study. (Want to consume more potassium?) Bananas, sweet potatoes and white beans are good options.

It was also found that women who have male infants ate more breakfast cereal than those who had female infants.

The Shettles method

A conception plan called The Shettles method is another option to increase your chances for having a boy. It was created by Landrum B. Shettles in 1960.

Shettles looked at sperm to see what could affect the speed of the fertilization. Shettles studied sperm to determine what might affect the speed of the sperm. (After all, it is the sperm which wins the race and fertilizes an egg that determines the gender. To determine if timing, position, and pH of body fluids could have an effect on gender, he looked at the intercourse.

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The Shettles Method has several key points:

  • Sex close to ovulation
  • Sperm placed close to the cervix in positions that allow for deep penetration
  • Alkaline environment in the vagina
  • First time a woman has an orgasm

How effective is Shettles’ method? It depends on who you ask. Shettles claims a 75 percent success rate for the current edition of his book . There are many people who claim to have successfully conceived a child using his method.

However, some older research has shown that sex within 2 to 3 days of ovulation could not result in pregnancy. Another (also dated study found that the X and Ychromosomes don’t have the significant shape differences Shettles believed they had.

Is there any medical intervention to have a boy?

Are you looking for reliable ways to increase your chances of success? There are many medical options that you can consider depending on your situation and availability.

These treatments can be costly and emotionally and physically draining. These treatments also carry risks. They can cause complications, including miscarriage or ovarian stimulation syndrome (OHSS). They are not recommended for sex selection unless there is a medical reason.

Assisted reproductive technology (ART), allows you to have a child using medicalized methods. These methods include intrafallopian transfers (GIFT), and zygote interfallopian transfers (ZIFT).

Preimplantation genetic selection (PGS), or preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), is a method that allows you to use IVF to create embryos and then test them for sex. The embryo can then be implanted into your uterus with the desired sex.

This basically guarantees that, if everything goes according to plan, you will have the baby boy or girl you’ve always wanted.

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Considerations when selecting sex

It is important to remember that PGD/PGS is legal in the United States. However, it is illegal in many other countries such as the United Kingdom or China unless there are serious medical reasons.

Although it is possible to travel to another country for the procedure (and many people do), it may not be an option due to the high cost and additional complications.

One reason lawmakers made PGD/PGS illegal was a concern that parents might choose to have a greater number of girls or boys. A population that has too many female or male babies could cause problems in future population growth.

One suggestion in countries that ban sex choice is to limit PGD/PGS medical issues and “family balancencing” to prevent families from making decisions about their future children’s sex.

The ethical issues are perhaps a greater reason legislators have made PGD illegal or limited its use. This is an emotionally charged and complex topic. It is important to discuss your feelings with your doctor and explore your options.


It is natural to have fantasies about your future child and hopes for their personality. It’s important to remember that you cannot control the sex of your baby.

Every child is different. You don’t have to give up on your dreams of having a boy, just because you have a girl. You can’t expect your dreams to come true if you have a boy.

Talking to your healthcare provider, or a trained therapist if you feel utterly disillusioned, resentful, or are having trouble bonding with your child is a good idea.

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