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This article discusses various tips and tricks whereby people will be able to clean their teeth better and restore their shine and whiteness. One of the most deadly enemies for teeth is sugar. Many people think that decreasing the amount of sugar they consume will help solve the problem. What they ignore is the sugary content that they are eating in the form of other food items. This sugary content provides an ideal environment for bacteria to flourish and develop their colonies in the teeth and the oral cavity. Being vigilant to what we eat helps get rid of the bacteria from the mouth. This is why dentists advise that one should brush twice in a day and make it a habit to floss their teeth after every meal. Some of the ways in which one can enhance the color and the shine of their teeth are included in this article.

How to Enhance the Whiteness of the Teeth using Herbs

1. To minimize the discoloration of the teeth bay leaves and orange peels should be ground together to form a powder. This powder can then be sprinkled on tooth paste to clean the teeth regularly. Also this powder can be used alone when brushing teeth.

2. Sage leaves too have been found to be very effective against the discoloration of the teeth. It can be rubbed directly on the teeth or be crushed to form a powder to use on the toothbrush. One can also choose to sprinkle some of this powder on their toothpaste when they clean their teeth.

How to Enhance the Whiteness of the Teeth using Drinks

1. The best drink for individuals that will help in keeping teeth hydrated is ‘water’. Keeping the teeth well hydrated is important as hydrated teeth pose a hindrance to bacteria colonies to stick to them. Also the impact of discoloration is lesser on well hydrated teeth.

2. When consuming liquids, hot and cold beverages should not be consumed together or immediately after the other one. The main reason for this is that the pores of the teeth tend to open up when they absorb heat. This allows stains and bacteria to settle deep into these pores. However, on consumption of cold liquids these pores shrink and it becomes almost impossible to clean these stains later on.

3. When drinking beverages of dark colors, make sure to use a straw to avoid staining the teeth.

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