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How to Heal Cracked and Chapped Lips


You’re out on a date with a great guy. You’ve had dinner, done the movie, and he’s walking you out of the car to your door. You know that it is time for that first kiss. After all, you’ve just had one of the best dates of your life. He’s smart, funny, and hot. You feel him bend over; you want to turn over yourself. Just then, a sound in your head goes, “Do you want to kiss him with chapped lips?”You gather yourself together, but you know that the moment has passed. Ouch! That could hurt.

Chapped Lips – Unattractive and irritating

Did you know that excessive chapping of the lips could spread to the skin outside your lips as well? News for you, eh! Maybe it is time that you started carrying that lip balm.

Chapped lips are not only highly uncomfortable. They also happen to be highly unattractive. Mostly they are caused by a loss of moisture, and in some rare cases, it would be the direct result of an allergic reaction. The most common and effective way of keeping this problem in check is a moisturizing balm. If the condition is allowed to progress, it might end up becoming worse.

Treatments Of Cracked and Chapped Lips

You might want to try one of these treatments to ensure that those cracked, dry and sore lips stay at bay.

  • Honey

    This is an excellent choice when it comes to treating chapped lips. It is known to possess, naturally, a lot of moisturizing capabilities. Its healing capacities are also no mystery to men and women alike. The best part about honey is that it is also anti-bacterial. So if you have a bad case of chapped lips, wherein you’ve gotten small cuts over your lips, this might be the best solution available. It will end up protecting your lips from any infections. You could also use the honey on your lips before you hit the bed or night, or you could alternatively choose to apply it through the day. This would entirely depend on the choice you make. If you opt to use honey for half an hour to one hour in a day, it should take care of all your chapping problems.


  • Olive Oil

    Extra virgin olive oil makes for a great salad dressing, but it also helps chapped lips. It moisturizes a pair of dry lips and can leave you with a tantalizingly soft pair of oh-so-kissable lips. If you opt for a market product with olive oil in it, then choose something which combines olive oil and beeswax, and you should do good. This would give you incredibly smooth consistency and would provide for thicker coverage. This combination is advisable if you live in areas where blistering cold is something you encounter all the time.


  • Aloe Vera

    If there has been a case of over-exposure to the sun caused for chapped lips, you might want to opt for some TLC from aloe vera. This ends up soothing and cooling the burning sensation that such chapping can bring about. The best way to use it would be to directly apply the gel, which oozes out from a piece of an aloe plant. If you do not have a potted version of the plant at your disposal, then you could opt for an aloe gel (stick to pure aloe) and use these for your lips. After you use the gel from the inside of the plant, you could try splitting up the plant, and the clear wet inside can be rubbed directly onto your lips. Even this helps moisturize your beautiful lips.


  • Shea Butter

    Shea butter is the closest you can get to mimic the skin’s natural oils. Soft Shea butter helps in the case of people with ultra-sensitive skin. This is the exact reason why it is so widely used in baby products.


  • Drink Tons Of Water

    Chapped lips are a sign that there isn’t enough water in your body. Drink ample amounts of water to keep your skin hydrated.

3 Things To Avoid Dry Cracked Lips

Do you look like a zombie, lately? You can hide and manipulate it with make up but does it also work to your lips? It seems that your lips are cracked, ready to tear apart. It is bad, if course to your appearance. Sure, you don’t want to have this kind of lips but how to heal chapped lips?

The skin of your lips is way different than the other skin in your other part of body. It’s thinner since it doesn’t have sweat gand or hair follicles. Then if your other part of body’s skin needs treatment, then your lips too. Dreaming of that full, gorgeous lips and get ready to get rid of that dry and chapped lips? Then read this along.

1. Avoid Extreme Factor

Usually, dry lips comes because you are in a extreme weather, like in a very hot day or even in a room with cold air. It can make your lips drier. That kind of weather can reduce the moisture of your lips which then it can make you deal with dry lips. If you do some works or activity which almost lead you to have this problem, then we suggest you to always bring your protection. Norwegian Lip Moisturizer is great, choose whatever it takes you make your lips always moisturized. And don’t lick your lips, never!

An important notes about the balm, choose one that have at least SPF 15. Your lips are very sensitive to sun, then you need to protect it always. Don’t forget to always apply it when you need it most.

2. Avoid Licking Lips

We already mentioned to you that we are not suggesting you to lick your lips. Of course we do it for reason. Licking lips seems to be the easiest way to make your lips away from dry chapped lips. Yet, it’s wrong. It is true that it will make your lips wet, then dry even more. The liquid you ‘apply’ to your lips will evaporate then it will make your lips dry quickly.

Then, the worse is the saliva it produces. The liquid which is on the tongue, basically you lick on your lips contains saliva. This liquid takes important rule in processing the food. Saliva contains that enzyme which break down the food. It’s obvious then if you lick your lips, it can do harm than good to your lips. The enzyme can break your lips like it breaks the food.

3. Avoid The Trigger

Some ingredients in your daily product can be a tricky trigger. Do you realize that some things like toothpaste can make your lips dry? Usually, toothpaste and the other oral care products contain some ingredients that can make irritation. If you think you have allergies then always watch your oral care products’ ingredients. Make sure that they are free from sodium lauryl sulfate, pheryl salicylate or propyl gallate. These are also for your lipstick. You can use natural lip balm to make it wet.

You may also avoid some fragrance and flavor in your lip care. Make sure that you have no allergies to them. Do not always interest in lip care that make you will risk your health Be careful.

Dry lips sometimes can be a nightmare. The other easy way out to get rid of dry lips is to not do mouth breathing. Then what is the other way to deal with this? Drink more! Drink enough or more water can fulfill the needs of your body of water. Which it will also supply enough hydrate your lips. Then you can also take vitamins. Green vegetables like spinach and green bean can help you to fulfill your vitamin B’s need which is useful to your skin health.

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