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How to Market Your Handmade Jewellery Business in 2022


There can be absolutely no doubt that the Jewellery industry is flourishing at a very fast pace. It is estimated that the market for costume jewelry will bring in approximately $52.4 billion in revenues by the year 2025.

The credits for this rapid growth of the jewelry industry go to on-the-go shopping, expanding markets, and the ubiquitous nature of smartphones. The shifting landscapes of the jewelry industry have the power of changing consumer behaviors.

It is only because of the rapid growth of this industry that people sitting at home have resorted to selling handmade jewelry to make some income. And this has proved to be a good idea considering that even this business is bringing in profits for the economy on the whole.

So, who is today’s handmade jewelry buyer, and how to entice them into buying this kind of jewelry?

Here are some important tips for handmade jewelry businesses to reach their potential buyers and ease their journey through the sales funnel.

Have a Clear Idea of Your Customers

First things first, you must know who your customers are. This stands true not just for the handmade jewelry business but for all kinds of small and large businesses. It is not just enough to know your customers, but you must even know their age, their interests, and their location.

With this information handy, it will be easier for you to market your products according to their requirements. You can start by going for customer surveys. This will help you find more about your target customers.

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Handmade jewelry businesses can link Google Analytics to their respective websites for analyzing web statistics and thy audience. They can then use the derived statics for understanding the behavior of their audience. The statistics available can even be used for working on new assignments that the customers are looking forward to.

Try Influencer Marketing

Handmade jewelry brands can try out influencer marketing to reach their buyers. This form of marketing can serve as one of the greatest tactics when used in the right way. It offers brands the scope of reaching customers in exciting, new, and completely different ways going beyond conventional advertising.

Reports suggest 57% of audiences use ad-blockers every month. In this scenario, jewelry businesses can always benefit from alternative methods of marketing that generally bypass the underlying annoyances consumers associate with advertisements.

Social media influencers have been playing an important role in the jewelry marketing field for the last five to ten years. And this stands testament to the significance of the jewelry industry. Initially, it might be difficult for you to identify influencer marketing as an important source of creating brand awareness because of its non-interruptive nature.

However, you might be surprised to know that 26% of jewelry buyers get to know about new businesses and brands through celebrity endorsements. Such audiences tend to be influenced by the suggestions and the opinions of the influencers.

Then 67% of buyers seek expert opinion before making purchases, and 4 out of 10 easily get swayed away by the other people’s opinions. Endorsements from some of the most prestigious sources, such as celebrities, vloggers, and public figures, carry good weight.

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Whether they are highly professional publishers producing sponsored content openly or private individuals into posting jewelry reviews, influencers have the potential to introduce handmade jewelry labels to the users most compellingly and creatively.

Start Vlogging

You always have the option of using an online video maker for making some of the most stunning videos of your jewelry products. Vlogging is one of the best ways for handmade jewelry businesses to find potential users or buyers.

With each vlog post, you can share your products and their details along with mesmerizing visuals of the same on the different social media platforms. This will bring prospects to your site and even get your site ranking high on Google and the other search engines.

Vlogging is your chance to share the knowledge and news of your business with others.

Go for Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos of how to use a certain piece of jewelry are generally purpose-driven. Around 22% of customers are likely to transform into potential buyers by going through these videos.

The majority of the buyers often depend on such videos before making buying decisions. Therefore, handmade jewelry brands have this exclusive scope of connecting with the audience through videos.

Through tutorial videos, brands can offer deeper insights into the products they are dealing with, thus helping the buyers with their purchase decisions. Such videos are something handmade jewelry brands should try out, considering them more credible and trustworthy content.

Consistency Is the Key

What is it that will make your handmade jewelry business stand out from the others? It can be anything but consistency will always be the key to promoting your pieces of jewelry. Make sure your business values, principles, and your brand are always consistent in whatsoever you do.

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This can be creating brand new designs, advertising, or designing a site. Make sure your business is easily recognizable while ensuring that your color scheme, language tone, and logo are consistent all the time. If you follow consistency in everything you do, customers will get a clear idea of what they can expect from your brand.

Go for Branded Content on the Social Media Sites

Social media channels play an important role in the lives of jewelry buyers. These individuals spend around 2 hours to 48 minutes on different social media sites every day. They love seeing their favorite brands on their newsfeeds and are willing to share their content as well.

Hence, they are more likely to be influenced by a handmade jewelry business’s branded content on different social media sites. They get influenced to such an extent that they can end up buying from the brands.


Your handmade jewelry business idea is not an exclusive one. There are other jewelers out there trying their level best to reach a wider audience. Therefore, what you need to work on is going for exclusive marketing methods so you stand out from your competitors.

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