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How to Shrink your Stomach Naturally


Swollen belly is a common problem. For people who want to shrink their stomach, this information might be very important for you. One thing to remember is: as long as you are really trying hard to turn the swollen belly down, the result will surely be felt. But before trying some ways to shrink the swollen belly is important to know that abdominal fat is more difficult to overcome than the other parts of body. Therefore, to be able deflated belly intention and determination you need a really hard work. Please also note that it will be easier to shrink your stomach if you are disipline. Yes, you should have a strong encourage in order to shrink your stomach. You have to be ready both physically and mentally.

Exercising regularly can also help you to shrink your stomach. Buttocks and abdomen are the most popular body parts that people want to shrink. However, your appetite might make your shrink-my-stomach-program harder. I listed you some things below about how to shrink the stomach naturally:

– Eat Fiber

Fiber is very essential for your diet. It will compensate water retention that causes swollen belly. You can get fiber from fruits which contain lots of water, such as pears and apples. It is important to consume them regularly.

– Exercising

Sports activities will be very helpful for your shrinking-my-stomach-program, especially those require abdomen muscles. You can burn your fat by doing some exercises. It is better if you do exercises regularly since you will get an ideal stomach faster. The fact that exercising is very cheap and very easy to do comes as another benefit from doing it so. Therefore, exercising is a good step to take in order to shrink your stomach.

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– Reduce Salt Consumption

If you consume too much salt, it will add extra sodium to the body fluids that slow mechanism to encourage water out of the cell. As the result you will no longer feel hungry. So, it is important for you to reduce your salt intake.

– Eat Slowly

When you’re eating, avoid eating quickly as it will cause the air suspended in the intestine and form a gas which is able in causing abdominal distention. To shrink your stomach, it is suggested that you are eating while sitting and chewing your food slowly. That way of eating can minimize the possibility of having your food part-chewed.


Drinking water ensures effective function to remove waste in the stomach. White Do not change water consumption during a diet this is because many materials there are difficult to digest and can cause stomach to be bloated.

– Eat less fried foods

Fried foods can slow down your digestion. They make fat accumulation in your body. One way to shrink is consuming good fats that contain monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA). MUFA will against abdominal visceral fat. You can gather MUFA from olive oil, flaxseed oil, canola oil, soybean oil, avocado, nuts, and chocolate.

-Reduce simple carbohydrate food

Since simple carbohydrates food can be converted into fat by the body very quickly, you are suggested to reduce your simple carbohydrate food intake. Watch your intake of rice, white bread, pasta, and other foods that contain lot of simple carbohydrates. As an alternative you can consume whole wheat bread and whole wheat pasta with complex carbohydrates.

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-Playing Hula Hoop

A hula hoop exercise will burn 100 calories in 10 minutes by doing the twist that is equivalent to walk on a moderate pace. In addition it also provides sports movement or emphasis on the abdominal muscles. That makes playing hula hoop can reduce the incidence of back pain and injury. Another benefit that can be obtained from the hula hoop exercise is that it can make a flat stomach and six pack abs helped shape many people coveted.

– Drinking coffee and green tea

Caffeine in the coffee increases metabolic rate by nearly 10% and helps in burning more calories. Green tea is also the same. It can reduce fat absorption and helps glucose circulation.

-Consuming eggs.

It is hard to believe indeed since commonly we know that eggs contain high cholesterol. In fact, egg can help you to shrink your stomach. Moreover, consuming eggs is an effective way to shrink your stomach. Eggs contain lots of protein which are able to burn fat in your body. Fortunately a new research stated that a diet with rich cholesterol has no effect on your blood cholesterol levels. However, if you are still concerned about the cholesterol contained in the egg, you can avoid eating the egg yolks. Eggs also contain lots of B12 vitamin that plays a central role in the breakdown of fats.

-Eat brown algae seaweed.

As we know seaweed contains lots of fiber. Moreover, people know that fiber itself is very good to help your digestion. Thus, seaweed is very good for your body because it can unleash your body’s metabolism, especially your digestion. Fiber in sea algae makes your body able to secrete any substances which are not needed. You can this nutrition by consuming algae-seaweed based food.

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