Jitender Gogi, Gangster: Profile, Wiki, Age, Caste and Family


Jitender Mann was one the most prominent gangsters in Haryana and Delhi during the modern era. His peers and policemen knew him better as Gogi. Two assailants from Sunil Tillu, his arch rival, shot him to death inside Rohini Court. Both of the assailants were dressed in lawyer’s clothes and were also killed by police.


Jitender Gogi ran an extortion ring in Delhi and parts of Haryana. He was a strong influencer in Southern Delhi and the Sonipat region, Haryana. His rivalry to Tullu gang led to the murder of over 20 criminals. For the brutal murder of Harshita Dhiya, he was in the news.


Gogi started out as a pick pocket but he quickly rose to be a fearsome gangster. According to his family and friends, he once dreamed of becoming an SI in the Delhi Police. But, a series of events made him a criminal.

Harshita Dahiya had been killed in an inhumane manner.

Gogi surrendered to Delhi Police recently. It was also believed that Gogi surrendered before Delhi Police to save his life against Sunil Tillu.

Jitender Gogi, Gangster: Profile, Wiki, Age, Caste and Family

Date of Birth:

Age: 39 Years

Father: Maihar Singh


Birth Place: Sonipat, Haryana

Religion: Hinduism

Caste: JAT

Educational Qualification:


Family and Relationship:



Interesting Facts and Lesser-Known Facts:

  • After his surrender, Jitender Gogi released a video that went viral. Delhi Police claimed they had arrested the most wanted criminal Gogi. The video now clearly shows that he surrendered to fearful encounter.
  • Gogi fled police custody in 2016. In 2016, Gogi was released from police custody after he killed three people and one woman in Burari.
  • Rohini Court security has been questioned after the murder of Gogi. It was not the first incident of shootouts inside the court premises.
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