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A little break never hurts anyone. We all need a vacation for a change in pace and to get rid of the stress that comes from following a routine for a long time. Even psychology says that people should go on a vacation from time to time in order to become more productive in their daily lives. As a student, when you plan to go on a vacation or take your child on a vacation, you are supposed to inform about it to the principal/teacher. This is done by writing a vacation leave letter for school. However, since writing a vacation leave letter for school is a formal affair, you need to keep the format and certain rules in mind. Here’s everything you need to know about writing a leave application to your principal or teacher. 


  • While you write a leave letter for your child, make sure you clearly mention the reason why you are writing a letter to the principal or teacher. You should also know who the recipient of the letter is going to be. If it is the student’s principal, be specific and mention the principal’s name and designation. However, if it is the student’s teacher, make sure you mention the teacher’s name.
  • Specify very clearly when the child is taking a vacation. You should mention the dates from when to when the child is going to be absent. Also, mention when the child is going to join back school after coming back from the vacation.
  • Most school officials are more concerned about how taking a vacation and missing classes would affect the child’s academics. This is why, as a responsible parent, you should mention how you’re going to handle the classes that your child will be missing.
  • It would also be a good idea to write something that would convince the principal or teacher that the vacation would help the child. Mention that this vacation is very much needed for your child for a change in place and to be a more productive student.
  • Make the tone of the letter formal. Since you are communicating with people who are formally associated with your child, you have to maintain a formal style of writing. Also, as you write vacation leave letter for school, make it a point to proofread your letter and check if there are any spelling or punctuation mistakes. 
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When you sit to write your letter for your child, you can refer to the sample letter that we have mentioned below to write in a flow. While dates and other information would change for you, the overall format and flow of the letter would be the same. Besides going for a vacation, this letter sample can also be used as a guide while writing a letter for the absence of your child due to any reason. All you have to do is carefully change the reason. Here’s a sample letter for you.


Your Name

Your Ward’s name

Grade of the ward


Date- When you write the letter


The Class Teacher/ Principal

School’s Name

School’s Address

Subject: School Leave Request

Dear Madam/Sir,

I am writing this letter for requesting leave for my ward……(mention your child’s name), who is studying in grade (mention grade). I plan to go on a family vacation dating from 25th March 20** to 31st March 20**. My child will join back school as soon as we are back in town.

Since it has been a long time that I took my child on vacation, I think this is a much-needed vacation for her. She has been a performer at school and even in extra-curricular activities and has been exerting a lot of efforts. As a result, I have been witnessing a lot of stress in her lately. I believe this vacation would prove to be good for her mental health.

For any classes that she misses, I will make sure I dedicate extra time and help her cover up for what is missed. Since I and my husband are getting leaves from our organization, this is the only time when we can plan a vacation. Since I am informing about our vacation well in advance, I also hope you would accordingly schedule the submissions of assignments.

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Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope you accept this request so that we can go on a vacation.

Thanking You.

Your Sincerely,

Your signature

Your name

This is how you are supposed to write a letter to the principal of your child. While this is how a parent would write a letter to the principal, you can even write the form as a student, by making a few changes in the subject form.


By keeping the one speech in mind, writing a vacation leave letter for school in this format would help you. As a parent, it’s important that you take responsibility and initiative, and provide proof in the letter that this vacation can be useful for your child. Try requesting a change in the scheduled submission of your child’s assignment. A vacation is to relieve any built up stress so that your child can get back to academics and be a productive student. However, as soon as he/she returns, if he/she is loaded with submissions, the vacation wouldn’t make sense. Hence, don’t forget to mention assignments, if any. 

Make sure you mention all the required details, like the date from when your child will be absent to when the child will resume his/her classes. As a responsible parent, make sure the child joins back, as soon as possible, after the vacation so that he/she does not have to miss too many classes. With a well-written letter submitted to the principal, you can aptly pack your bags for your vacation, you’re ready to go and have an amazing time with your family.

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