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Linguine With Clam Sauce


Clams are delectable sea creatures. They are popular with most seafood lovers as their unique taste can bowl people over. Clams are of two kinds, hard shell clams and soft shell clams. The hard shell variety consist of clams like cherry stones, little necks, or large chowder clams whereas the soft shell variety consist of clams like the West Coast razor clams and New England steamers.

Clams can be cooked and served to bring about some diversity in the food items. As these sea creatures are highly nutritional, clam dishes can be served at lunch or dinner instead of the same old meals. Check out the nutritional value of clams.

• They are low in fat

Clams are extremely low in fat and have only a few calories. This nutritional value of clams makes them even more viable as a replacement for fatty animal proteins. Also, the fatty acid, omega 3, that clams contain is extremely good for health, especially the heart.

• They are packed with vitamins

Clams are rich in the vitamin B12. This vitamin is good for the nervous system. Vitamin B12 makes sure that the brain, spinal cord and the peripheral nerves work fine. Clams also contain vitamin C, which is good for the health of the immune system.

There are various other reasons why clams are healthy. They are a rich source of minerals like iron, selenium, copper and zinc. Clams can be used in various dishes like the famous chowder. Clams also taste good when incorporated in pastas. The clam’s nutritional value makes it a better choice than meat.

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For a plate of good clam pasta the following ingredients are required:

• Little neck clams (fresh)
• Linguine
• Cloves of garlic
• Extra virgin olive oil
• White wine
• Red chili flakes
• Italian parsley


1. To make the dish you need to cook the pasta till it’s done and then drain and set aside.
2. Clean the clams and cook them in a large skillet with olive oil, garlic, white wine and red chili flakes.
3. Cook till clams open. Add in the cooked pasta and toss properly.
4. Before you serve sprinkle the parsley over the dish.

There are various other ways in which you can prepare clams and serve them to guests or family members at any occasion.

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