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Marriage Dates in 2021


An in depth record of Marriage Dates 2021 by AstroSage affords auspicious date, day, month nakshatra or paksha so that you can tie the knot. Know auspicious Marriage Muhurat in 2021 and discover out the length for the Marriage Ceremony in 2021.

As per Hinduism, any dialogue relating to marriage is adopted by Kundli Milan or Horoscope Matching. On this, Guna Milan is carried out, the place not less than 18 out of 36 elements current within the kundli of each the potential bride and groom should match for it to be a beneficial pairing. An important factor after Guna Milan is the Date of Marriage. The muhurat calculated for marriage considerably impacts the lives of the couple all collectively. That is why folks take ample time earlier than fixing the date for marriage.

It’s vital to calculate the Shubh Muhurat for Marriage Ceremony in 2021 because it affords an auspicious time length for the potential groom or bride as per their kundli. Underneath auspicious Marriage Muhurat 2021, this text of ours will give you detailed details about all of the auspicious marriage dates in 2021. With this, additionally, you will have the ability to understand how the auspicious time or muhurat for marriage is calculated:

Marriage Muhurat 2021

On this article primarily based on Marriage Muhurat 2021 (Vivah Muhurat 2021), we is not going to solely inform you the auspicious marriage dates for 2021, but additionally inform you about some particular elements of which you might be nonetheless unaware of. Many instances, folks determine the date of marriage simply solely by observing the auspicious day, and on this fashionable time, some go forward and take the lead by choosing the date themselves. But it surely must be stored in thoughts that Marriage represents the pure union of two minds coming collectively. Even a small mistake can have an effect on all the lifetime of the bride and groom.

That’s the reason, after carefully evaluating the location and motion of planets and nakshatras as per the Hindu Panchang, we now have dropped at you auspicious marriage dates 2021 within the type of Marriage Muhurat 2021. So in case you or somebody near you goes to get married in 2021 and wish to know the auspicious time or date for marriage, then you have got come to the precise place. On this article, you’ll get extra info together with the record of auspicious Marriage Muhurat within the yr 2021.

Marriage Dates In 2021 Hindu Calendar

Within the yr 2021, resulting from Guru Ast Dosh and Shukra Ast Dosh, auspicious Marriage Muhurat will start from 24 April. (This yr, Jupiter is changing into combusted from 17 January and can stay in the identical state until 14 February. Together with this, Venus may even turn out to be combusted from eight February 2021 and can stay on this state until 12 April.)

Marriage Dates 2021 for April
Date Day Month/Tithi Nakshatra Zodiac Signal Length
24 April Saturday Chaitra Shukla Dwadashi Uttara Phalguni Leo 06:22 – 08:11
25 April Sunday Chaitra Shukla Trayodashi Hasta-Chitra Virgo 08:49 – 25:54 25:54 – 28:22 29:34 – 29-45
26 April Monday Chaitra Shukla Chaturdashi Chitra-Swati Virgo-Libra 05:45 – 12 :44 22:54 – 24:15 24:15 – 29:44
27 April Tuesday Chaitra Purnima Swati Libra 05:44 – 20:12
30 April Friday Chaitra Krishna Chaturthi Mool Sagittarius 12:55 – 29:41
Marriage Dates 2021 for Might
Date Day Month/Tithi Nakshatra Zodiac Signal Length
01 Might Saturday Chaitra Krishna Panchami Mool Sagittarius 05:41 – 10:15
02 Might Sunday Chaitra Krishna Shashti Uttarashadha Sagittarius 08:59 -14:50 26:10 – 29:39
03 Might Monday Chaitra Krishna Saptami Uttarashadha Capricorn 05:39 – 08:22
04 Might Tuesday Chaitra Krishna Ashtami Dhanishta Capricorn- Aquarius 15:14 – 29:01
07 Might Friday Chaitra Krishna Ekadashi Uttara Bhadrapada Pisces 20:41 – 29:35
08 Might Saturday Chaitra Krishna Dwadashi Uttara Bhadrapada-Revati Pisces 05:35 – 14:47 14:47 – 17-21
15 Might Saturday Vaishakh Shukla Tritiya Margashirsha Gemini 05:31 – 08:39
21 Might Friday Vaishakh Shukla Navami Uttara Phalguni Leo 15:22 – 21:08
22 Might Saturday Vaishakh Shukla Dashami Uttara Phalguni-Hasta Virgo 05:27 – 14:05 14:05 – 20:04
23 Might Sunday Vaishakh Shukla Ekadashi Hasta-Chitra Virgo 06:43 – 13:19 13:19 – 14:56
24 Might Monday Vaishakh Shukla Trayodashi Swati Libra 11:12 – 25:48
30 Might Sunday Vaishakh Krishna Panchami Uttarashadha Capricorn 05:24 – 16:41
31 Might Monday Vaishakh Krishna Shashti Dhanishta Capricorn 16:01 – 25:06
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Marriage Dates 2021 for June
Date Day Month/Tithi Nakshatra Zodiac Signal Length
5 June Saturday Vaishakh Krishna Ekadashi Revati- Ashwini Pisces-Aries 05:23 – 22:39 24:15 – 27:34
6 June Sunday Vaishakh Krishna Ekadashi Ashwini Aries 05:23 – 26:27
19 June Saturday Jyeshtha Shukla Navami Hasta-Chitra Virgo 05:24 – 20:28 20:28 – 24:04
24 June Thursday Jyeshtha Purnima Mool Sagittarius 14:32 – 26:15
25 June Friday Jyeshtha Krishna Pratipada Mool Sagittarius 05:25 – 06:40
26 June Saturday Jyeshtha Krishna Dwitiya Uttarashadha Capricorn 18:43 – 19:18
27 June Sunday Jyeshtha Krishna Tritiya Dhanishta Capricorn 25:21 – 27:00
28 June Monday Jyeshtha Krishna Chaturthi Dhanishta Capricorn-Aquarius 05:26 – 24:48
Marriage Dates 2021 for July
Date Day Month/Tithi Nakshatra Zodiac Signal Length
01 July Thursday Jyeshtha Krishna Saptami Uttara Bhadrapada Pisces 05:27 – 27:49
02 July Friday Jyeshtha Krishna Ashtami Revati Pisces 05:27 – 10:52 13:16 – 29:25
03 July Saturday Jyeshtha Krishna Navami Ashwini Aries 07:01 – 17:31
04 July Sunday Jyeshtha Krishna Dashami Ashwini Aries 05:28 – 06:41
06 July Tuesday Jyeshtha Krishna Dwadashi Rohini Taurus 16:59 – 25:03
17 July Saturday Ashadha Shukla Ashtami Chitra Libra 15:40 – 18:03
Muhurat Dates From 21 July Until 12 November 2021 Come Underneath The Devshayan Interval. Therefore, It Received’t Be Relevant In Northern India.
21 July Wednesday Ashadha Shukla Dwadashi Mool Sagittarius 19:18 – 29:27
23 July Friday Ashadha Shukla Chaturdashi Uttarashadha Capricorn 21:23 – 29:38
24 July Saturday Ashadha Purnima Uttarashadha Capricorn 05:38 – 12:40
25 July Sunday Ashadha Krishna Pratipada Dhanishta Capricorn-Aquarius 11:17 – 29:39
26 July Monday Ashadha Krishna Tritiya Dhanishta Aquarius 05:39 – 10:26
28 July Wednesday Ashadha Krishna Panchami Uttara Bhadrapada Pisces 10:45 – 29:41
29 July Thursday Ashadha Krishna Shashti Uttara Bhadrapada- Revati Pisces 05:41 – 12:02 12:02 – 27:55
30 July Friday Ashadha Krishna Saptami Ashwini Aries 16:43 – 20:18 22:18 – 27:16
31 July Saturday Ashadha Krishna Ashtami Ashwini Aries 09:56 – 16:37
Marriage Dates 2021 for August
Date Day Month/Tithi Nakshatra Zodiac Signal Length
02 August Monday Ashadha Krishna Navami Rohini Taurus 22:43 – 23:45
03 August Tuesday Ashadha Krishna Dashami Rohini-Margashirsha Taurus 13:00 – 24:05 27:41 – 29:44
04 August Wednesday Ashadha Krishna Ekadashi Margashirsha Taurus-Gemini 05:44 – 28:25
11 August Wednesday Shravan Shukla Tritiya Uttara Phalguna Leo- Virgo 09:32 – 28:11
12 August Thursday Shravan Shukla Chaturthi Hasta Virgo 15:25 – 29:49
13 August Friday Shravan Shukla Panchami Hasta-Chitra Virgo- Libra 05:49 – 07:59 07:59 – 29:50
14 August Saturday Shravan Shukla Shashti Chitra-Swati Libra 05:50 – 06:56 06:56 – 23:20
19 August Thursday Shravan Shukla Dwadashi Uttarashadha Sagittarius- Capricorn 22:42 – 29:53
20 August Friday Shravan Shukla Trayodashi Uttarashadha Capricorn 05:53 – 21:24
22 August Sunday Shravan Purnima Dhanishta Capricorn- Aquarius 06:13 – 10:33 12:57 – 19:39
24 August Tuesday Shravan Krishna Dwitiya Uttara Bhadrapada Pisces 19:47 – 28:07
25 August Wednesday Shravan Krishna Tritiya Uttara Bhadrapada Pisces 16:19 – 20:48
30 August Monday Shravan Krishna Ashtami Rohini Taurus 06:39 – 29:59
31 August Tuesday Shravan Krishna Navami Rohini- Margashirsha Taurus-Gemini 05:59 – 08:48 10:00 – 29:59
Marriage Dates 2021 for September
Date Day Month/Tithi Nakshatra Zodiac Signal Length
01 September Wednesday Shravan Krishna Dashami Margashirsha Gemini 05:59 – 12:34
07 September Tuesday Shravan Amavasya Uttara Phalguna Virgo 28:37 – 30:03
08 September Wednesday Bhadra Shukla Dwitiya Uttara Phalguna-Hasta Virgo 06:03 -15:55 15:55 – 30:03
09 September Thursday Bhadra Shukla Tritiya Hasta-Chitra Virgo 06:03 – 14:31 14:31 – 19:02 22:43 – 30:04
10 September Friday Bhadra Shukla Chaturthi Chitra-Swati Libra 06:04 – 11:09 21:58 – 30:04
11 September Saturday Bhadra Shukla Panchami Swati Libra 06:04 – 11:22
14 September Tuesday Bhadra Shukla Ashtami Mool Sagittarius 07:52 – 23:58
18 September Saturday Bhadra Shukla Dwadashi Dhanishta Aquarius 26:26 – 27:21
Marriage Dates 2021 for October
Date Day Month/Tithi Nakshatra Zodiac Signal Length
07 October Thursday Ashwin Shukla Pratipada Swati Libra 26:51 – 27:21
08 October Friday Ashwin Shukla Dwitiya Swati Libra 06:18 – 18:59
11 October Monday Ashwin Shukla Shashti Mool Sagittarius 13:43 – 30:20
12 October Tuesday Ashwin Shukla Saptami Mool-Purvashadha Sagittarius 06:20 – 08:50 11:14 – 11:26 – 11:26
13 October Wednesday Ashwin Shukla Ashtami Dhanishta Sagittarius- Capricorn 10:19 – 30:22
14 October Thursday Ashwin Shukla Navami Dhanishta Capricorn 06:22 – 09:35
18 October Monday Ashwin Shukla Trayodashi Uttara Bhadrapada Pisces 10:49 – 13:23
19 October Tuesday Ashwin Shukla Chaturdashi Revati Pisces 13:34 – 19:03
20 October Wednesday Ashwin Purnima Revati-Ashwini Pisces- Aries 07:41 – 13:14 14:50 – 20:39 21:51 – 30:26
21 October Thursday Ashwin Krishna Pratipada Ashwini Aries 06:26 – 16:17
23 October Saturday Ashwin KrishnaTritiya Rohini Taurus 27:02 – 30:28
24 October Sunday Ashwin Krishna Chaturthi Rohini Taurus 06:28 – 23:33
25 October Monday Ashwin Krishna Panchami Margashirsha Taurus- Gemini 12:05 – 28:10
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Marriage Dates 2021 for November
Date Day Month/Tithi Nakshatra Zodiac Signal Length
01 November Monday Ashwin Krishna Ekadashi Uttara Phalguna Leo-Virgo 12:52 – 21:04
07 November Sunday Kartik Shukla Tritiya Mool Sagittarius 21:52 – 26:47
08 November Monday Kartik Shukla Chaturthi Mool Sagittarius 13:17 – 18:49
11 November Thursday Kartik Shukla Saptami Dhanishta Capricorn 18:16 – 28:06
12 November Friday Kartik Shukla Navami Dhanishta Aquarius 09:08 – 14:53
Devshayani Ekadashi Ends
28 November Sunday Kartik Krishna Navami Uttara Phalguna Leo-Virgo 22:05 – 30:55
29 November Monday Kartik Krishna Dashami Uttara Phalguna-Hasta Virgo 06:55 – 16:58 28:14 – 30:56
30 November Tuesday Kartik Krishna Ekadashi Hasta-Chitra Virgo 06:56 – 20:34 20:34 – 30:57
Marriage Dates 2021 for December
Date Day Month/Tithi Nakshatra Zodiac Signal Length
01 December Wednesday Kartik Krishna Dwadashi Chitra-Swati Virgo- Libra 06:57 – 19:35 19:35 – 23:36
06 December Monday Margashirsha Shukla Tritiya Uttarashadha Sagittarius 26:19 – 31:01
07 December Tuesday Margashirsha Shukla Chaturthi Uttarashadha Sagittarius- Capricorn 07:01 – 13:02 23:41 – 24:11
08 December Wednesday Margashirsha Shukla Panchami Dhanishta Capricorn 22:40 – 31:03
09 December Thursday Margashirsha Shukla Shashti Dhanishta Capricorn- Aquarius 07:03 – 21:51
11 December Saturday Margashirsha Shukla Ashtami Uttara Bhadrapada Pisces 22:32 – 30:02
12 December Sunday Margashirsha Shukla Navami Revati Pisces 29:45 – 31:05
13 December Monday Margashirsha Shukla Dashami Revati-Ashwini Pisces- Aries 07:05 – 25:17 26:53 – 28:32

With the assistance of Marriage Dates 2021 given above, you’ll be able to select to conduct the Marriage Ceremony as per your comfort. However our recommendation to the potential brides and grooms is that they need to seek the advice of an astrologer earlier than going forward with marriage and choose an auspicious date.

Marriage Muhurat 2021: Importance of Marriage Muhurat

Marriage is an age-long custom that helps a local develop his/her life. How blissful and affluent a local’s household life is, what sort of a life accomplice will the fatherland with, what sort of a relationship will he/she have along with his/her accomplice, what’s the astrological tackle the connection by way of Kundli Milan- all these facets are considered whereas making an allowance for the time, length, lagna and the location of planets. That is why an auspicious Muhurat is calculated for each facet of the wedding, proper from the Tilak to Pheras.

It’s stated that Marriage is the union of not simply two our bodies however two souls. That’s the reason Marriage is taken into account a sacred bond in Hindu tradition and lives on afterlife for the following seven births. Seven rounds and 7 vows are taken on the time of marriage by {couples}. Marriage is taken into account the thirteenth ceremony in Sanatan Dharma. Subsequently, Kundli Matching and Shubh Muhurat are the 2 necessary acts carried out earlier than going forward with the wedding.

Marriage Dates In 2021

Whereas calculating the auspicious Marriage Muhurat 2021, the seventh home of marriage and partnership in a kundli is considerably analysed. Step one in calculating the Muhurta is Guna Milan. After analysing the motion and placement of the planets and nakshatras within the kundli of each the bride and the groom, an astrologer reveals the compatibility each of them share.

For a cheerful married life, it’s necessary to get not less than 18 of the 36 Gunas matched. There are a number of issues in marital life in case you get lower than 18. Aside from this, a number of planetary doshas akin to Manglik Dosha, Nadi Dosha, Bhakoot Dosha, Gan Dosha and others are additionally calculated. After this step is efficiently accomplished, the auspicious Date, Day, Month, Paksha, Nakshatra and Time as per the zodiac signal of the potential bride and groom are calculated. This complete technique of calculating an auspicious time interval predicts the beneficial Vivah Muhurat in 2021.

Whereas calculating the Vivah Muhurat, the place of the planet Moon during which Nakshatra through the start of each the bride and groom is checked. The auspicious date for marriage is set with the assistance of the letter that seems within the Charan or Part of Nakshatra the place the Moon is posited. Aside from analyzing the place of all of the planets and nakshatra on the time of calculating Marriage Muhurat in 2021, some explicit factors associated to the Panchang should be stored in thoughts. Listed here are a few of them beneath:

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Things To Keep In Mind When Calculating Auspicious Marriage Dates in 2021

Within the Muhurat Shastra of Astrology, the Panchang is termed as the mix of 5 main components, i.e. Var, Tithi, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karana. These branches of Panchang should be considered when commencing any auspicious activity. Whereas calculating the Marriage Dates in 2021, the Hindu Panchang and the Kundli of each the Bride and the Groom are carefully evaluated. Therefore, when selecting an auspicious muhurat for marriage, some particular issues should be stored in thoughts. They’re talked about beneath as you progress forward.

Inauspicious Muhurat For Performing Marriage Ceremony in 2021

  • When calculating the Marriage Muhurat 2021, Rikta Tithi (Chaturthi, Navami and Chaturdashi) should be averted, since any activity commenced on this date incurs immense failure.
  • The day Tuesday is taken into account inauspicious for conducting a wedding ceremony.
  • When fixing the date for marriage, Yoga can also be considered. In such a way, one should keep away from scheduling the ceremony within the Atiganda, Shool, Gand, Vyaghata, Parigh, Indra and Vaidhriti Yoga.
  • Performing marriage is prohibited within the “Chatushpad, Vishti, Shakuni and Nag” Karana. By marrying the couple in any of those 4 Karana, a menace is posed on the lifetime of both the groom or bride.
  • Performing the Marriage Ceremony in 2021 throughout Chaturmas is very prohibited. In keeping with the scriptures, through the four-month interval of Chaturmas, Lord Vishnu, the Final Supplier, stays within the state of sleep within the Ksheer Sagar. Subsequently, this time interval is taken into account taboo for finishing up any auspicious activity.
  • On the identical time, Marriage Ceremony should not be carried out through the interval of Khar Mas, Mal Mas, Kshaya Mas and Pitru Paksha or Mahalaya. Getting married on this interval may end up in inauspicious outcomes for the potential couple.

Muhurat For Marriage Ceremony

  • Getting married within the months of Jyeshtha, Magh, Phalguna, Margashirsha, Vaishakh and Ashadha is taken into account auspicious.
  • Speaking concerning the Nakshatras, Anuradha, Mool, Mrigashira, Uttara Phalguni, Uttarashadha, Hasta, Revati, Uttara Bhadrapada, Rohini, Magha and Swati Nakshatra are thought-about auspicious for Marriage.
  • Particular Lagnas are additionally thought-about for bridal ceremony in 2021. Out of all, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra and Sagittarius are auspicious.
  • For the Vivah Sanskar Ceremony in 2021, the Gurubal for the Bride and Suryabal for the Groom is very thought-about. In such a scenario, it’s thought-about auspicious if Jupiter is within the “second, fifth, seventh, ninth and eleventh” home of the bride. Then again, when the planet Solar is within the “third, sixth, tenth and eleventh home” of the groom’s zodiac signal, such a placement is alleged to be auspicious for marriage.
  • Aside from the Gurubal and Suryabal, the Chandrabal can also be evaluated in each the bride and groom’s kundli. As per the Panchang, if the planet Moon is within the third, sixth, seventh, tenth and eleventh home of the bride and groom’s zodiac indicators, it’s thought-about beneficial.

Marriage Muhurat 2021: Precautions To Be Taken

Whereas calculating the auspicious Marriage NMuhurat and NMarriage Dates 2021, understand that Saturn or Shani Dev shouldn’t be posited within the twelfth home from the Marriage Lagna and Mars or Mangal Dev shouldn’t be within the tenth home from the Marriage Lagna. Additionally, through the calculation, test that there isn’t a merciless planet within the Lagna and Venus within the third place from the Marriage Lagna of the horoscope of the groom and bride. The Lord of the eighth home should not be within the Marriage Lagna of both the groom or bride.

If the groom or the bride is the eldest within the household, then it is rather inauspicious to finalise their marriage of their Delivery Month, Date, Nakshatra and Lagna. Then again, it is rather auspicious to repair the wedding of the kid born after the elder boy within the Delivery Month, Date, Nakshatra and Lagna. On the time of the Marriage Ceremony, the siblings of the bride and groom shouldn’t be married inside six months of their marriage. It must be stored in thoughts that any activity commenced through the Shubh Muhurat in 2021 incurs success, happiness and prosperity in life.

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