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Technology is taking the office world by storm. Unlike the past, when speeding up processes entailed hiring more workers or upgrading infrastructure, companies today can gain efficiency and productivity by making simple, inexpensive changes. This can usually be done by upgrading old machines and investing in new software (which may even be FREE).

To meet the growing demand for office automation, companies like JJ Bender are providing businesses with cheap solutions like used printers, WiFi enabled machines, and much more.

What Is Office Automation?

Business Dictionary defines office automation as the “application of information technology to the typical clerical and secretarial tasks such as communication, correspondence, documenting, and filing”. It refers to the streamlining of office procedures using technology–either in the form of machines or software.

In today’s technology driven world, office automation allows companies to outsource, connect, automate, and optimize their day-to-day tasks. And it seems to be paying off.

Studies show that 63% of companies are able to outgrow their competition through automation. For B2B marketers, automation corresponded to a 10% increase in sales pipeline contributions.

Looking for efficient ways to allocate your resources? Here are some reasons you should consider office automation:

Improved Connectivity

One of the biggest advantages of office automation is the connectivity it allows. Imagine the time and money you could save if a staff member from the 3rd floor could send a file and print it for someone on the 10th floor–or anyone in the world for that matter. That’s the kind of power office automation gives you.

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From task management software to WiFi enabled used printers and marketing automation apps, there are so many tools you can use to connect your team to each other and to your clients.

Higher Productivity

Each year, companies lose out on billions in productivity. Reasons include sickness, workplace bullying, gossip, pilferage, and many others. While these are certainly causes for alarm, they also represent myriad opportunities for improvement.

Simply upgrading your marketing software can drive a 14.5% increase in sales productivity and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead (Nucleus Research). Furthermore, upgrading your office machines and applications can smoothen out inefficient processes and eliminate productivity killers.

Less Human Error

Findings by Data Barracks, an IT security company, point to human error as the largest cause of data loss at 24%. That’s nearly one-fourth of all company data!

Need a quick and cheap way to get rid of this problem? Outsource some tasks to software and machines. These include clerical and repetitive tasks such as responding to inquiries, managing and sorting data, sending out emails, scheduling and promoting content, optimizing workflows, and much more.

Efficient Use Of Time And Resources

All the benefits of office automation boil down to one thing: efficiently allocating your time and resources.

Office automation allows you to outsource certain tasks so that you can focus on what’s important–such as planning, acquiring new clients, finding new business opportunities, and the like.

The less you focus on mundane, manual tasks, the more you can improve and expand the core competencies of your business. In the end, that’s what truly creates value and saves you money.

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