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Padahastasana: Steps, Benefits and Precautions


Padahastasana is a ahead bend asana which can be known as Hand below Foot pose. It may well assist you to to make your backbone versatile whereas firming up your again, legs, and stomach. This makes it an excellent yoga for a newbie. It’s a type of Hatha yoga that can be part of the Solar Salutation yoga. The asana is very really helpful by yogic consultants because of the big selection of advantages that it has to supply. So learn on to seek out out extra about Padahastasana and the advantages that you would be able to get hold of from practising it often.

Padahastasana steps

Studying the right way to do hand to leg pose is essential while you need to carry out this asana. There are two completely different strategies by which you’ll be able to follow Padahastasana. We’ll describe every one in every of them in short.

Padahastasana technique 1

  • First, stand straight and preserve your physique in a single single line

 padahastasana step-1


  • Guarantee that your legs are collectively and your arms stay simply by the edges of your thighs.
  • Maintain your chest completely opened
  • Beneath any circumstances, don’t tighten or stiffen your physique. Stand straight and agency in your legs.
  • Now inhale slowly and lift your arms straight and upwards over to the top. You could contact your biceps with the ears whereas retaining elbows straight.

 padahastasana step-2

  • Stretch the arms upwards so far as you possibly can.
  • Don’t bend the neck ahead whereas stretching.
  • Gently flip each your palms ahead.
  • Now begin to bend your physique ahead with the decrease again as you slowly exhale.
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 padahastasana step-3

  • Maintain legs straight and just remember to don’t bend the knees.
  • Maintain your arms and entire again in a single line as you make a 90° angle together with your higher physique and your legs.
  • Maintain bending ahead and contact your stomach with the thighs. Subsequent, contact your chest together with your legs.
  • Now preserve each of your arms, palms going through down, beside every foot respectively after which contact your brow gently to the knees.

 padahastasana step-4

  • Just be sure you preserve the breath out so far as attainable; it’s also possible to go forward with a standard respiratory method through the remaining place.
  • Keep on this place for not less than 15 to 30 seconds.
  • First you raise up the brow after which the arms out of your heels.

 padahastasana step-5

  • Whereas inhaling slowly, progressively begin lifting your physique up after which stand straight.

 padahastasana step-6

  • Maintain the arms completely stretched upwards with the biceps intently touching your ears.
  • Begin exhaling slowly and produce your arms again down whilst you preserve the palm gently on the thighs.

 padahastasana step-7

  • Calm down for a while as you full the asana.

Preparatory Poses related to Padahastasana

Listed below are the preparatory poses that it’s good to follow earlier than you begin performing Padahastasana or the hand to foot pose.

  • Paschimottanasana
  • Janusirsasana
  • Adho Mukha śvānāsana
  • Supta Padangusthasana

Suggestions for performing Padahastasana

Padahastasana is a type of asanas that assist to extend the flexibleness of your muscle mass and tone up your physique. It may well assist to eliminate anxiousness and stress. Padahastasana is understood to be a really intense type of asana and so you must work inside your flexibility as a substitute of forcibly stretching your limits. It is usually essential that you simply carry out this asana below the steering of an skilled yoga trainer. As a newbie, it’s also possible to begin with a number of the preparatory variations of this asana earlier than you begin with superior strategies.

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The science behind Padahastasana

Padahastasana lets you work in your second chakra. The second chakra of your power physique is positioned proper on the sacrum area. It governs creativity, intimacy, and constructive relationships. The squeezing course of related to Padahastasana helps to activate the second chakra that may assist you to to direct the power to the decrease a part of the physique and improve the flowing of the related energies.

Padahastasana Benefits

Listed below are a number of the distinct advantages of practising Padahastasana.

  • Padahastasana helps to enhance steadiness, flexibility, and posture of the physique.
  • It helps to eradicate stress, fatigue, and anxiousness by merely energizing the physique.
  • This can be very useful for individuals affected by issues related to throat and nasal areas.
  • It improves blood circulation notably within the higher sections of the physique.
  • It helps to extend focus in addition to enhances digestion and metabolism.
  • The asana tones and energizes the spinal nerves and muscle mass.
  • The digestive organs will be toned by often practising this asana which ensures effectively functioning of liver and spleen.
  • The asana is very useful for people who find themselves affected by belly bloating, gastric issues, constipation, and indigestion.
  • Padahastasana is extraordinarily efficient for eradicating belly fats.
  • It’s a good follow for growing peak.
  • It offers an excellent stretch to thigh muscle mass.
  • It helps to extend the power of the calf muscle mass and thigh muscle mass.

Precautions and contraindications related to Padahastasana

Regardless that practising Padahastasana affords quite a lot of advantages for the physique, it does include sure precautions and contraindications like all different forms of asanas. These are described under in short.

  • Individuals affected by situations like hypertension and coronary heart issues mustn’t follow Padahastasana.
  • One mustn’t follow this asana if she or he is affected by an ulcer.
  • Those that are affected by hip accidents, vertigo, knee issues, belly hernia, and sciatica ought to by no means follow this asana.
  • Padahastasana is strictly forbidden for individuals having decrease again pains or every other form of spinal issues.
  • Since overstretching could cause a serious quantity of stress on the thigh, knees, calf, and ankle thereby inflicting sprains, it’s important that an individual doesn’t put an excessive amount of of effort whereas performing it. As a substitute, the perfect factor to do is to extend the depth of the follow progressively.
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Practising Padahastasana can give you quite a lot of nice advantages to your bodily and religious power our bodies. So begin engaged on Padahastasana immediately to achieve the perfect advantages.

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