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Ratan Khatri was initially started as a small-time riser to become the network’s mastermind. Khatri was the mastermind behind Matka betting in India. Ratan was the founder of India’s largest betting scheme. His ‘Matka King” nickname Khatri is well-known. He was responsible for transforming Matka, a form of gambling that was first introduced in Mumbai in 1962, into India’s largest risk rap or noise to create a national gambling network that would last for many decades. Khatri, originally from the Sindhi family of Momedain, moved to Mumbai as a teenager from Karachi in Pakistan during the Indian partition in 1947. Matka is the opening and closing of cotton at even rates.

They are transmitted from India to New York via the “New York Cotton Exchange”. In the 1960s, Matka was popular in all parts of Mumbai state. Family members confirmed that Ratan Khatri, who was mentioned by many pioneers in Indian betting, is no longer with us. Khatri, 88, died Saturday at the Navjeevan Society in Mumbai Central after a lengthy and not-sufferable but strangleable battle with cancer.

Ratan Khatri Biography, Age, Real Name, Career, Education, Family Member And Many More

Real Name Ratan Khatri
Nick Name Matka King
Profession Glamour And Film Producer
Ratan Khatri Biography
Birth Date Not Knowing
Birth Year 1933 (approx)
Born Place Might be in Pakistan
Born Day Not Know
Nationality Indian
Hometown Mumbai Of India
Mother Name Not Knowing
Father Name Not Knowing
Sibling (sister) Not Knowing
Educational Qualification Graduated
School Primary Studies In Pakistan
College Completed
Hobbies Making Of Matka
Marital Status Married
Spouse (Wife)/Girlfriend Not Known
Children Not Knowing
Religion Before Partition Muslim
Religion After Partition Hinduism
Living Before Partition Karachi, Pakistan
Living After Partition Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Ratan Khatri Biography
Famous For Making Of Matka Over India To New York
Sun Sign and Zodiac Sign Not Been Updated
Age till Death 88 years
Cause Of Death Accidental Death Due Health Issue
Place Of Death Tardeo Of Mumbai
Date of Death 10 Of May
Year Of Death Might Be in 1845
Day Of Death Sunday
Net Worth(approx) Not Knowing
Salary (approx) Not Knowing
Ratan Khatri Biography


He started his own business as a teenager with the hopes of making a name for himself and gaining fame. Ratan, who was only 88 years old, was found dead in his home. It was Tardeo of Mumbai. He is now gone due to health issues, but it was not a serious illness. Khatri was unable to finish his studies. His main motivation was to make money, and he quickly became the undisputed Matka King in betting across India. He knew that this was legal, and he made these jobs his income. He started his career in Matka Making at a young age.

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Film Producer In Film Industry. Khatri had also produced a film starring Rishi Kapoor.

Age Till Death 88 years old
Birth Date Not Known
Born Place Karachi, Pakistan
Home Town Mumbai
Born Year 1933
Death Date 10 May (Sunday)
Year Of Death May be 1845
Ratan Khatri Age


As mentioned, he was also making a Movie. Khatri was a film producer. From “1965 to 1995”, Ratan was India’s Satta Market king. Khatri was the first to use Matka betting. Unfortunately, he was not arrested by police throughout his entire life. Even though everyone knew of his involvement in illegal betting, he was still a respected man in the ‘Satta market’. The original Matka King was responsible for a national illegal gambling network that included several lakh punters. He also managed deals worth crores of rupees. The result was divided into two parts. The upper part of the matka is known as the open ….. and the lower part as the close ….. Khatri, in response to the demands of his friends, started his syndicate.

To determine the day’s number, Khatri began drawing 3 cards. Khatri used 3 cards to decide the day’s number. He did this twice daily, at 9.00 pm the ‘open’ and midnight the close. He has been a producer of many movies and received many awards in the Film Industry.

Family And Married With Education

Ratan Khatri wasn’t so active on Social Media. He didn’t want to share more details about his family, including his siblings and parents. Khatri said that he was not an Indian before, and that his family had to move from Karachi, Pakistan, to Tardeo Of Mumbai in Maharashtra due to the Indian Partition.

Mother Name Not Knowing
Father Name Not Knowing
Sibling (sister) Not Knowing
Marital Status Married
Spouse (Wife)/Girlfriend Not Known
Children Not Knowing
Ratan Khatri Family, Married and Education

Physical Appearance

Height May be 5 to 6’inch
Weight Around 52 to 65 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Light brown
Ratan Khatri Physical Appearance
Gender Male
Gender Orientation StraightForward
Ratan Khatri Physical Appearance


  • The Police did not capture ratan. Even their neighbour knew that he was running an illegal business.
  • They can’t also take any action. He lives free.
  • Khatri was moved without fear and went anywhere at any time.
  • He was making a card, and it was being flashed across India.
  • These cards can be won by one person or two.
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