Raveena Khurana, Mukul Wasnik Wife: Profile, Age and Family


Ravina Khurana, an Indian businesswoman and advocate. She currently resides in Delhi and works with an MNC.


Ravina (a.k.a. Ravina (a.k.a. Raveena Khurana) was recently in the news for her marriage. Mukul Wasnik is the former Union Minister and a prominent Congress leader. She was married to him. This marriage is unique because both husband and wife are sixty years old.


Ravina Khurana is close to powerful Delhi bureaucrats and politicians. She is a successful lobbyist and businessperson. Her social work and deep concern for helping children from poverty to receive formal education are what make her a well-respected figure.

Personal Profile

Date of Birth:

Age: 60 Years



Birth Place: New Delhi

Religion: Hinduism

Caste: Khatri

Educational Qualification:

Post Graduate

Family and Relationship:

Married to Mukul Wasnik


Interesting Facts and Lesser-Known Facts:

  • If Rahul Gandhi refuses to continue leading the party, Mukul Wasnik will likely become the next President. Sonia Gandhi is not able to do the job due to her health.
  • Contrary to what some people believe, Raveena Khurana and Mukul Wasnik were not living together before they got married.
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