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Cancer disease always brings in mind the fear of death, and today people try to know so much about these symptoms that even without a mole, they think its skin cancer. But in case there is a mole, they make a hill out of it. Many doctors have reported that people are queuing to their clinic when there is a mole on their skin, and in case if that mole is red, man they think that are infected with cancer without even taking any medical advice. So it’s better not to panic and instead use your head, well this am saying from my personal experience. My hubby had this red mole, and he like a hypochondriac thought it as a symptom of cancer and how sad he was for that day. But once it was confirmed it was just an ordinary mole, what a relief to me! You must be thinking, why me? Well, my hubby had turned all things upside-down thinking of cancer, and I was organizing things on his behalf, so now I am free to get back and write on this.

This kind of furry and misunderstanding happens because it’s difficult to determine if the mole that’s on your body is one warning sign for skin cancer or something that is not so dangerous. When it comes to red moles on the skin, it creates more drama because red moles on the skin look suspicious.

Red moles on the skin often are not true moles, but mostly these usually are occurring on the skin in medical terms. These are known as cherry hemangiomas. These red moles are round in shape; they have colors like bright red or even purple spots. These red moles on the skin are constituents of blood vessels, and their sizes vary from one to four millimeters. An individual can have numerous cherry hemangiomas at various parts of the skin of his or her body. These lesions or moles are benign; that is, they are not cancerous. And because they are harmless, it’s not needed to remove these moles unnecessarily. However, many people have got red moles removed from their skin because of cosmetic reasons. Nevertheless, if the red moles on skin get raised, they may become bothersome, and also, if the red moles are scraped or injured or bumped, the red moles may bleed, which could become painful. These moles are not the red alerts of skin cancer.

Another group of red moles, which are true moles or medically known as intradermal melanocytic nevi. These moles appear to be raised, have slight pigment, and are found on persons with fair skin, blue eyes, and light hair. But not to panic if your mole that is if it is intradermal melanocytic nevi then it will appear as pale pink, it will be symmetric in shape, and these moles don’t change in their appearance over the years. For the reason that these moles are raised, it can subject to trauma also.

One such harmless moles which also may arouse or regard as “suspicious” are known as pyogenic granulomas. These are rather quickly growing lesions, which are softer than moles, and also they tend to bleed easily. These moles or lesions are usually removed with electrocautery, surgery, and laser technology.

But then the question arises do we always ignore the appearance of red moles. The answer will be no. Ignoring may cause you more threat. You need to know about those moles which are part of the symptoms of cancer. If your mole is changing with passing time, you should consult your dermatologist or your family physician. And if you are not so sure about your mole, it will best to consult, rather then worry. Melanoma is one deadly form of skin cancer that can be mistakenly diagnosed by a red mole. Using the ABCs symptoms of Melanoma for identification will be a helpful guide when you are examining yourself or even your loved ones for skin cancer. Also, basal cell cancer is slow-growing and is a less-dangerous type of skin cancer that appears as a red and pearly lesion.

Are Red Moles Dangerous

That’s one of the questions that keep in the mind of people who have red moles on their body.

One of the main reasons that bring fear of Red Moles as dangerous is that red moles are linked as the sign and symptoms to malignant Melanoma, which is deadly skin cancer, that’s known to have affecting millions of the people. Red moles generally can come with a small lump underneath the skin. Then mole tends to become red and even tender when of skin is being touched. Red moles can also be associated with other infections as red moles get inflamed, these moles could bleed. Red moles are not so dangerous, but the risk of red moles developing into cancer tends to be high in individuals who are overexposure to UV rays. That’s why it’s said to be inside, during the mid-day to mid-afternoon, sun rays are dangerous to skin and can cause sunburns, freckles, and moles. Those who have light, fair skin people and had sunburn episodes during their younger years are more vulnerable to getting moles. Not all the skin moles are of red mole, and all moles don’t cause skin cancer. However, if there is the development of new red mole, it’s an exceptional case, and people having a family history of the skin cancer, there may be chances of inheriting the skin problem, and because of that, an individual can develop red moles, which could lead for malignant Melanoma

If your red mole is showing any of these signs, it’s not to be uncared for. The individual needs to seek medical attention upon considering the red moles regarding some symptoms of skin disorder.

Basically, on the human bodies, moles are very common skin growths, typically their size is small, and they have a color like brown or black, and these moles are generally flat or at times raised. The moles can sporadically change in shape or color, but once the mole becomes red, it is atypical. Your consulting physician will generally look the mole as a risk and suggest for the removal of a mole to prevent it from getting enlarged or even stop spreading. This is done because this will help in preventing malignant skin cancer.

It’s also recommended that moles which are causing pain and when touched they get quickly get irritated should be then removed. Moles having hairs can interfere with man’s shaving or can rub against the clothing.

Are red moles dangerous? This question will be still ringing in your head, read on further to know more.

Red moles, which have proven to be a potential risk for skin cancer after some tests, well, these can be treated well. Therefore, these moles have not considered the certificates of serious threat to life; rather, these can be treated, and individuals may not have any harmful consequences. If the red moles get immediate treatment at their early stage, the risk would no longer exist, and individuals can have peace of mind. Mostly, in some people, who have on their skin one or more moles. Most of the moles can be light or dark brown, black or tan; conversely, not too many people have red moles.

People find their Red moles very distracting on their skin’s appearance and very undesirable. Not only do red moles pose a risk of cancer but also skin imperfection, which makes their skin look ugly. In most cases, not because of skin cancer but because of cosmetic reasons, people seek to remove their red moles.

But still, Red moles which are left to be neglected can get dangerous. Doctors also have recommended of removal of red moles through surgery. Removal of red moles can be done through surgeries of various techniques, including cauterization, excision, laser surgery, cryosurgery, and electrosurgery. Choosing the course of treatment and respective surgery depends on doctors and patients after all options have been presented.

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