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Simple Resignation Letter


Sometimes you just need to write a resignation letter, without taking care of providing a lot of information. It happens also that one has a sensitive relationship with his employer and wants to be as simple as possible to avoid further discussions and further impacts.

The below template is a complete yet simple model of resignation letter. It holds all the information that are needed legally while keeping the style simple and disengaged.

Replace the content between brackets with your actual inforamtion.

Resignation letter template
{Zip code}
{CITY} on {DATE}

I have the honor to inform you of my decision to resign the {OCCUPIED FUNCTION} function I have held since {DATE} within the company.
{I am no longer able to perform the tasks assigned to me}
{personal or family obligations force me to this decision}
{the development of my professional career and my desire to progress compel me to this decision}
My resignation, given notice, will take effect on {DATE END WITH NOTICE}. (if notice)
Best regards.

Letter of resignation on fixed-term contract, on probationary period, with or without notice

To resign, you must inform your employer and, in most cases, you must give prior notice (a period during which you can not leave the company before the actual termination of the employment contract). The law imposes no form over another to announce his resignation.
The resignation can be served orally or in writing by writing a letter of resignation hand-delivered to the employer or by e-mail. In some professional sectors, the sending of an e-mail can not suffice, the collective agreement may include an obligation to deliver the letter of resignation by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt (RA or RAR).
Advantage of the letter of resignation, it can allow to introduce a form of politeness to cordially announce his departure. Above all, it allows to express a clear and unequivocal willingness to resign, recognized by the judges in case of dispute.
Better to leave your employer on good terms and put the forms: it can always be solicited by a new employer during the examination of applications for a position. It is therefore preferable, before sending a letter of resignation, to announce his departure to his employer by organizing a meeting or an interview with his N + 1, his boss or his HRD.
The letter of resignation is to be sent to the employer in the following cases:

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Resignation from a permanent position

Any holder of a permanent contract (permanent contract) has the right to resign. To submit a resignation by sending a letter of resignation with acknowledgment of receipt makes it possible to avoid any ambiguity as to the effective date of the termination of the contract, by clearly indicating it.

Unless waived notice, an employee is required to remain in his position until the effective date of termination of the employment contract.

There are certain reasons for legitimate resignation allowing to benefit from unemployment benefits (non exhaustive list):

resignation for change of residence (in particular for follow-up or reconciliation of the spouse following the marriage, transfer or change of employer of the spouse, or for the follow-up of a handicapped child admitted to a reception center away from the former home

Resignation for non-payment of salary

Resignation for domestic violence

Resignation by exercise of the conscience clause of a journalist

Resignation to conclude a contract of civic service

Resignation from a temporary contract

1. In principle, one can not resign from a fixed-term contract (temporary), the resignation not being one of the authorized cases of early termination of the employment contract.
2. However, the temporary contract can be broken:
3. By mutual agreement between the employer and the employee
4. If hired on permanent contract by another employer
5. In the latter case, he informs his employer of his wish to leave him before the end of the fixed-term contract, by means of a written notification of the early termination of the contract (with proof of the type of contract of employment or promise of employment). ). Unless waived by the employer, the employee is required to comply with a notice, the duration of which varies according to the duration of the fixed-term contract and capped at two weeks.
6. Resignation during the trial period
7. An employee may leave freely during his probationary period, without having to give reasons for his reasons. In the event of early termination of the trial period, the notice period is very short and identical whether you are on a fixed-term or permanent contract. The deadline to notify his employer is limited:
8. At 24 hours for a presence of the employee in the company inferior of less than 8 days
9. At 48 hours for a duration of presence of at least 8 days
10. The law imposes no procedure or particular form to be respected. The resignation can be announced orally, by resignation letter or by e-mail.

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