Tania Aidrus: Profile, Wiki, Age, Husband and Family


Tania Aidrus, a former executive at Google, is one of the most well-respected personalities in Pakistani software and social media. She was the SAPM Digital of Pakistan. After a controversy over her citizenship, she resigned.


Tania has more than 20 years of experience in the management of software companies, including Google, before joining Imran Khan’s staff. Tania was in Singapore working when she was contacted to help Pakistan. She responded quickly and has demonstrated immense potential in a very short time. It was a shame that she had to quit.

You may notice that some PTI leaders claimed that Tania hadn’t resigned but that Imran Khan fired her.

Tania Aidrus: Profile, Wiki, Age, Husband and Family

Date of Birth:

Age: 40 Years



Birth Place: Pakistan

Religion: Islam

Educational Qualification:

Graduate from Brandeis University, Massachusetts

MBA from MIT Solan School of Management

Family and Relationship:



Interesting Facts and Lesser-Known Facts:

  • Tania represented Pakistan at several global events related to new-age technology.
  • Click Diagnostics was her health diagnostics business, but it failed to perform well.
  • Tania was instrumental in the launch of many Pakistan-specific Google products in Pakistan
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