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Are you a travel junkie? Do you love to travel across countries? If “yes” is your answer, then you should gather information on travel immunizations. There is only one reason of why you need to know about travel immunizations: no one want to sharing infectious disease of the host countries and bring the disease back to the home country, right? So, though cultural immersion is a good thing, sharing disease is not cool at all. In order to make you and others away from infectious disease, it is highly suggested that you are up to date on the immunizations you will need before your next travel.

Before having your travel immunizations, there are some things you should consider:

Time of your travel.

Make sure about your travelling time and common disease at that certain time. For example, if you want to travel in the summer, you should aware about common diseases in the summer. Then, make sure that you get immunizations for those typical diseases before travelling.

Where will you stay during your adventure.

Commonly, rural areas are more potential in bringing some disease to you. So, if you will stay in a rural area during your adventure, you can do travel immunizations on some common diseases for rural area before travelling.

County or countries you are going to visit.

Some countries (or some areas of countries) have typical infectious disease. For example, Papua in Indonesia is closely related to Malaria disease. It is better for you to gather knowledges on typical diseases of country or countries you are going to visit before you go there. By knowing those typical diseases, you are able in preparing travel immunizations on before leaving your home country.

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Period of staying.

Your period of staying also an important thing to be considered. The longer you are staying, the greater your risk of getting some infectious diseases.

Types of your travel accomodation.

Your travel accomodation also has important role. Whether you are backpacking or staying in hotel will influence your change of getting some diseases. Commonly, backpacking will make you more at risk of getting some diseases than staying in hotel.

Your age and health.

Yes, your age and health also become considerations. Different ages and different health records might cause different reaction toward infectional diseases. So, you should mind your age and health in dealing with travel immunizations.

Your activities during your stay in the host countries.

Things you will do in the host countries should also be put into consideration. If you are going to have many outdoor activities, you might be more potential in infected by some diseases. So, it is better for you to do the travel immunizations before travelling.

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