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Leave request mail to manager for vacation is a formal mail written by an employee when he wants to take days off from work. Every management authorizes a certain number of paid leaves per year according to the labor laws of the particular state and the company policies. The employees can make use of these leaves when they want to go on a vacation or want to take a break from work for a few days.

Writing a leave request mail to manager for vacation can be intimidating since you may worry about the approval. Your employer may come up with reasons like a new project or an argument that you need to stay back because of an irrelevant meeting. To sound as convincing as possible, you need to know how to draft a vacation leave letter in the right way. Also, try to stick to the point instead of beating around the bush.

Leave request mail to manager for vacation: Format

Subject line:

Dear Mr./ Ms.


Yours sincerely,

Your name

Your designation

Leave request mail to manager for vacation Samples

Sample 1

Subject line: Request for a week’s vacation leave

Dear Ms. Jones,

I would like to apply for a week’s vacation leave dating from 16 June 20xx to 23 June 20xx. My wife and I haven’t gone for a vacation for almost three years now and we’ve noticed that some quality family time is necessary. All the projects that I am working on will be completed before I leave for the vacation.

I have delegated my work to Mr.xxxx and Ms.yyyyyy during the period of my absence and I’ll be spending time with them during the upcoming days to explain the work that needs to be done. I’ll be available for communication during work hours, in case of emergencies either on live chats or on video call depending upon the seriousness of the situation. I’ll be keeping track of the work done by my team during my absence and see that everything goes according to plan.

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I have spoken to my team leader and my teammates regarding my vacation leave and they have agreed to it. I request you to consider my request for vacation leave and let me know the details regarding the approval at the earliest convenience so that I can book the flight and hotel tickets.


Jared Smith

Senior Art Director

Sample 2

Subject line: Request for vacation leave

Dear Mr. Zelner,

As you know, I have been working day and night for our priority client until the end of last week. To be honest, I am really exhausted and in dire need of a break. I request you to grant me leave for ten days from 10 June 2018 to 20 June 2018 so that I can go on a trip with my family. While I understand that I play a key role in the team for the next project as well, a break will give my mind and body some time to recharge before I can get back to work again.

According to the meeting we had yesterday, I will have to supervise the work only once the groundwork is laid which is why this is the right time for me to take a break. Also, it is my family’s desire that I spend some quality time with them since I spend most of my days and nights in the office. I will call for a meeting this week so that I can distribute work among the team members during the period of my absence. They will have the provision to contact me during the work hours even when I’m on vacation.

Please let me know what you think about the plan as soon as possible so that I can proceed with this week’s meeting as I mentioned earlier. Thanking for your patience,

Yours sincerely,

Monica Wilson

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Creative Team Lead

Sample 3

Subject line: Request for vacation leave

Dear Mr. Brown

I would like to apply for vacation leave from 20 June 2018 to 27 June 2018 since I feel that my mind and my body is desperately in need of a break from work. Besides, I haven’t gone on a vacation with my family for four years and I have realized that my wife and my kids require spending more time with me. Currently, I have 110 hours of vacation leave and I would like to use 60 of them.

At present, my work is up to date and I will make sure that most of the work is done before handed so that whoever fills in for me will not have to do much. I ensure you that I will have a one-on-one meeting with the assigned person before I leave so that I can give him a heads up regarding the things he has to look out for. I have filled in the official Vacation Request form of the company with necessary details and have attached it to the mail.

Please let me know your take on the plan and inform me about the approval as soon as possible so that I can schedule my trip well before-hand.

Yours sincerely,

Chuck Davis

Senior UX Designer

Sample 4

Subject line: Leave request application

Dear Jacques,

As I have been serving my organization in a stretch since 5 months without taking a break, I hope it’s the time to use my annual leaves. Besides, I had little time to spend with my family during the deployment of project. Hence, I guess I should make use of the leaves available to spend some quality time with my parents, wife, and kids. I would like to request leave vacation from 13 June 20xx to 20 June 20xx from the 13 days of leave I have for this annum.

As I am known of my responsibilities in the current project, I have requested my colleagues Sophiet and Cheryl to take care of it. However, I will be supervising it whenever I get free time when I am on vacation. So, I hope there won’t be any issue when I will be on vacation. So, I request you to kindly oblige and approve the vacation leave.

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Yours faithfully,

Rick Jones

Digital Marketing Specialist

Sample 5

Subject line: Request to approve leave for a week

Dear Durden,

I have dedicated myself to serve my organization and have worked for the betterment of it. In the process, I didn’t take any of the annual leaves I am provided by the company. Apart from iit, I am exhausted as I worked day in and day out during the XXXX project of clients. Hence, I guess I wish to go on for a vacation with my close-knit family.

Regarding the process of my current project, I assure you that it won’t be halted as I have asked my team members to take care of it in my absence. So, I would like to request a week’s leave from 12 June 20xx to 19 June 20xx.

Yours Sincerely,

Marla Singer

Senior Software Developer


Leave request mail to manager for vacation has to be written with precision and honestly because it may not be approved if you do not sound genuine (also you can checkout best working samples of Sick Leave Mail To Manager for getting leave approved). Get to the point in the beginning of the mail itself instead of beating around the bush. If you have an immediate supervisor or a team lead, an approval letter from them can be attached to the mail. Also, it is best to mention the names of those who will be working instead of you during the period of your absence. In a small company, the mail can be sent to the manager but in a bigger corporate setup, it has to be forwarded to the Human Resource Department as well.

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