Veer Sahu: Profile, Wiki, Girlfriend, Age, Caste and Family


Veer Sahu, an Indian playback singer, stage performer, music composer, and lyricist, is also a stage artist, music composer, and lyricist. He is considered one of the most well-known singers in Northern India today. He is also the husband of Sapna Chaudhary, the national heartthrob.


Veer is well-known for his distinctive style and friendly nature. Rarely will you find an artist who can be comfortable in so many aspects of entertainment. He is also known as the Babbu Man of Haryana.


Veer Sahu was raised in Madanheri Haryana by a modest middle-class family. His father worked on a small farm that his family-owned. While in school, he began to sing on the stage. He was not popular at first, but he slowly became more popular. He is known for his determination to keep his Haryanavi identity intact. He has provided a unique identity for the Haryanvi film industry.

Some of his popular films are Rasook Aala Jaat, Thaddi Baddi and Khalnayak, among others.

Veer Sahu: Profile, Wiki, Girlfriend, Age, Caste and Family

Date of Birth:

Age: 28 Years



Birth Place: Madanheri, Haryana

Religion: Hinduism

Caste: JAT (His surname is Sahu, but he is a Jat by caste)

Educational Qualification:

MBBS (Didn’t complete)

Family and Relationship:

Girlfriend and Wife: Veer Sahu has been married to Haryanavi singer and stage dancer Sapna Chaudhary. They had been together for four years before they decided to marry. Sapna, who was pregnant, was not ready to have an abortion. They tied the knot in the Covid-19 pandemic. However, it is unknown when exactly the marriage took place.


Interesting Facts and Lesser-Known Facts:

  • Veer Sahu has a very different approach to his caste identity. He has stated many times that he is proud to be a jat. He called his attitude’ Jattitude.
  • Veer Sahu had applied for admission to a medical college to study MBBS. He decided to leave college to pursue his dream to be an actor/singer. Although his family wasn’t happy with the decision, they eventually accepted it.
  • Veer Sahu has never used the term ‘Daru’ in any of his songs. He does not want to encourage alcoholism or substance abuse through his art like most Haryanvi actors do these days.
  • Veer Sahu recently posted on his social media platforms to announce the birth of his son. This post also clarifies his relationship with Sapna Chaudhary.


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