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Why Sugar is Bad for Your Health


Life with no sugar is tasteless, flat and boring. Agree? But having more sugar will give you more bads. We know, how could you enjoy your cake, toast or even tea with no sugar? Well, stop adding sugar to your cronut, you need to spare your minutes to read why sugar is bad for you and we ask you to consider sugar as your next biggest enemy.

It Is Addictive

Remember the time you feel that mouth-gasm when you eat that sugar cake? It feels like one slice will never be enough. Then, you ask for more and eat more. Say good bye to your scale. It is bad for your weight since it’s proven as addictive…than a coccaine. Though it’s said that sugar will boost your brain but too much won’t be good. Sugar is playing the role in your survival, but don’t let it play with your scale.

Play The Mood

Got bad mood? Eat chocolate because the proverbs say that chocolate won’t ask much, it will understand you. True, but it won’t last forever. The time when you eat the chocolate, your mood will be boosted. Then, after it is burned, you drop your mood again. It will make you think that to make you happy is by adding more chocolate or other sweets. Then, say hi to good mood and say good bye to your ideal weight. Also, it won’t be good to your metabolism, ladies.

Hold Up Immune System

Sugar will hold up your immune system without you realize it. We know that that hot chocolate will warm you in the cold season. But it will also make you easy to get cold ad flu. There is a study conclude that a body with lop pH (which is common related to cold and flu) will be a great home for cancer cells. Trying to control your sugar will help you a lot for your health. Please do consider this.

Quick Aging

Sweet on sugar won’t make you look sweet. It will do the opposite, the quick aging. Those who consume much sugar will look older then they have to be. It is because the sugar will ruin your hormones and push free radicals which is paying the role on aging. Consume sugar wisely and do not let your starving-for-sweet feeling control you.


Cause Fat

Yeah, you already know it but somehow and sometimes you deny it, don’t you? Women are recommended to consume no more than six teaspoons a day. One teaspoon of sugar equals 4 grams. Then, take a look at how much your beverages, cakes or other sweet contain. You don’t want you sacrifice your diet plans, right? Then, eat and drink right.

Starve More

That feeling on your body when you consume too much sugar will only make your body think that you need more food. The fructose in sugar will send your hunger hormones to increase. It will make you crave for anything to please your appetite. Then, you will end up on that full calories food. It will make you regret later, but that time you feel relief.

Bad for Teeth

Sugar only contains calories with no useful nutrients. It is somehow calles as void calories. It will only give you energy and please your starve to sweets. Sugar will be bad for your teeth, you may already know that. It will provide energy for that bad bacteria in your mouth. Then it will cause tooth decay that is bad. You are not ready to hide your smile, aren’t you?

Somehow, sugar is good and needed to your body needs. But be wise in consuming it. You choose, you eat the sugar wisely or it will eat you.

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