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Woman Diet Meal Plans For 5 Days


First Day Diet Plan

Breakfast : You can start with almond and banana. Take 1 to 2 banana and a hand of full of almond. You can blend it into salad. Then finish it with milk smoothie.

Lunch : In the afternoon, you need more energy, then you need to consume some foods to fuel your energy. Try chicken with whole-wheat bread with grape salad in it.

Snack : After lunch, you can still have snack like corn chips and yogurt. Avoid unhealthy snack to crave for more and more.

Dinner : Avoid processed food and fatty one. You can consume foods which contain black beans. Try to find recipe which less calorie and easy to make.

Treat : You still have one treat in a day, dark chocolate will be great treat. It will satisfy your mood. You can buy chocolate online at Sweet Treat. At Sweet Treat, you will find an extensive range of sweets and chocolates from the past as well as the present.

Second Day Diet Plan

Breakfast : Start with yogurt, cherry, walnuts and honey. It will make you feel full longer.

Lunch : Energy for this day will be fueled by consuming black bean soup with pasta. But choose pasta which is whole-wheat.

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Snack : Need caffeine? Drink mocha iced coffee mix with milk.

Dinner : After a long day, satisfy your tummy with trout, portobellos, cheese.

Treat : Still, you can have ice cream mixed with almond.

Third Day Diet Plan

Breakfast : Start your day with toast from whole-wheat bread. Then apply peanut butter and close with pear.

Lunch : Try to avoid fatty and processed food. Choose salad contains avocado, kiwi, corn and seafood like shrimp.

Snack : Try to have fruits snack. Find fruits which contain water to fresh your body.

Dinner : Cook pasta for dinner today! But avoid the red sauce or carbonara which contains more calories. Try to saute it with sprout, olive oil, cheese and oregano.

Treat : This day, you can have coffee. But please know your limit.

Fourth Day Diet Plan

Breakfast : To full your energy, try to consume oat meals with apples then finish it with milkThis will be enough up to afternoon. At least, keep you full before lunch.

Lunch : You can have burger, yay! But change the filling, choose mushroom and red onions.

Snack : Feel hungry at noon? Then choose cherries and cheese.

Dinner : Chicken with peanut sauce will be great. You can grill the chicken with olive oil to make it tasty but healthy. Then, combine it with vegetable, onion and mushroom again.

Treat : Today you can have espresso. Shake or latte will be great.

Fifth Day Diet

Breakfast : Don’t get bored with almond milk. These two ingredients are great for breakfast. Today, you can combine cereal, almond and milk. You can add fruits like grapes also.

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Lunch : Today is burrito day! Fill your burito with black bean, red onion and oregano. Yummy!

Snack : Get some fresh fruits! Make some watermelon cubes or strawberry cubes. Every time you feel hungry, pick one.

Dinner : Almond day! Consume almond, trout then finish it with cabbage and carrot salad.

Treat : Not only when watching movie, but you can also give treat to yourself with popcorn. If you make it by yourself then choose the unfatty butter. Or you can also have choco chips.

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